Steven Gaffney Company Associates


All of our highly skilled and experienced associates are trained and certified in the Steven Gaffney Company strategies and provide a unified approach, as opposed to a disjointed effort that sometimes comes from hiring various associates from various companies. Our associates have deep knowledge of our proprietary strategies and materials and are authorized to teach, train, and reference and use the tools.


Our communications experts will help you build an integrated and consistent communications program that is strategically aligned with your organizational goals. We work with your team to ensure that your message is harmonized across all company functions, which improves teamwork and allows you to effectively reach all of your internal stakeholders. All of our strategic communication plans also include external communication tactics with creative solutions to help you engage your target audience.


As a resource for companies looking to improve their management and leadership skills, our Organizational Development Associates can work with you to facilitate and guide your leaders to empower your employees to work together with accountability and embrace a common vision and purpose. This will help you to have a successful, efficient, and profitable organization.

This in turn will help transform the people into high-performing, hard-chargers with a competitive edge. Our experienced associates’ approach to management helps corporate leaders and their teams break through the ceilings of complexity that hamper most managers in today’s challenging environment. Our clients will gain a new and profound knowledge of how to outperform their history in the areas of leadership, transformational change, revenue generation, and team productivity. The approach is hands on, results driven and creates a culture of exceptional performance.


In addition to being a sounding board and helping leaders and emerging leaders to clarify their visions and exceed prior performance, Our expert executive coaches will help them in setting strategic direction for the organizations as well as managing talents and developing leadership strengths to achieve success.

We will also help leaders find clarity in chaos by providing coaching in the areas of communication, interpersonal skills, conflict resolutions, trust building, executive presence, rebooting and recharging their teams, presentational skills, and personal power.

Our intensive customized professional coaching will help you (and your employees) clarify your business vision, create an action plan or set goals, determine accountability structures, execute and implement your plan, and follow it through to completion. Individualized professional coaching will help you focus in the direction you want to take your business and career in the midst of change and uncertainty.


Our engaging facilitators are passionate about making your meetings more dynamic, interactive and collaborative.

As high stakes meeting facilitators, trainers and keynote speakers, our facilitators have worked with thousands of senior executives, project managers and team leaders around the globe, challenging their traditional notions about teamwork. Known for their concrete approach and treasure trove of practical concepts, tools and techniques their clients can apply immediately to see positive, substantive results.


Our Sales experts are driven by a passion for sales and powerful results. If you’re looking for an edge in today’s tough selling market, our sales trainers deliver a no-nonsense approach to sales and will teach you how to become a world-class salesperson by building open, honest and profitable relationships with customers.

Through training and coaching, they’ll challenge you to abandon cliched sales techniques that rely on manipulation and deceit. They will demonstrate how being honest and open with clients will create long-term, profitable relationships at the expense of no one but your competition. This will ultimately improve your corporate bottom line.

If you would like more information on any of the above, please call our office at (703) 241-7796 for more details.