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What to Do When You Make a Mistake

3 Steps to Rebuild Trust and Ensure History Doesn't Repeat Itself

  The famous playwright George Bernard Shaw once said, “Success does not consist in never making mistakes, but in never making the same one a second time.” I could not agree more. Mistakes are inevitable, but history should not repeat itself. Through almost 20 years of working with corporations, associations, government agencies, and the military, I have found that executives and leaders […]

Eliminate Negative Self Talk

Learn how to use my 5-step self-talk turnaround strategy to increase happiness and achieve success.

  Eliminate Negative Self-Talk to Find a Way The struggle of negative self-talk is near and dear to my heart, because I was a negative self-talker for years. I actually thought that beating myself up inside was advantageous to me. My rationale was that it drove me to be successful, but the truth is that […]

Communicating with Angry Customers

Communicating with Angry Customers  Although it may be tempting, never dismiss an angry or upset customer—no matter how inconsequential their issue may sound. Unhappy customers are the much more vocal than happy ones, and with social media, one problem customer can turn into a firestorm of criticism and backlash. Just as important, one customer complaint […]

Overcoming Idea Breakdown

I love McDonald’s. I know some don’t, but I love it. My favorite sandwich is the Big Mac. The Big Mac, which is one of the most successful fast food sandwiches ever created, was created by a franchisee, not by McDonald’s corporate headquarters. Whether you like Big Macs or you don’t, the point here is […]

Follow up to National Honesty Day 2016

  In an effort to help you further celebrate and implement National Honesty Day, so that it is every day of your life, I wanted to share this radio interview with you. In this interview, you will learn about: •  How human beings suffer from Honesty Delusional Syndrome (HDS) and what to do about it […]

National Honesty Day 2016

How to celebrate National Honesty Day on Saturday, April 30th – How often are we really telling the truth? Is it ever okay to lie? Honesty has a significant impact on any business as well as your personal life. Getting the Unsaid, Said is key to opening up communication and building trust with others. Watch […]

What To Do When Things Go Wrong

Life can be hard to compartmentalize, and when something bad happens in your day—whether it’s a meeting, an interaction with a co-worker, or a call—it has the power to send you into a negative spiral that ruins your day and even impacts others. That awareness is half the battle. The good news is awareness allows […]