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How To Eliminate People Complaining To You

Steven shares his “Two Step Complaint Ending Methodology” to help understand and overcome what drives complaints.

Honest Communication – an Oxymoron?

Steven explains how different people communicate, what problems can arise from poor communication skills and offers suggestions on what you can do to test the effectiveness of your own communication skills.

Leading Through Change

Steven shares seven critical keys when leading others through change.

Honest Communication – Warm and Fuzzy

Steven shares some of the major problems that occur within communication and offers tips on how to remedy these issues.

Do Soft Skills Really Matter? It Sounds Touchy Feely to Me.

Steven discusses the difference between hard and soft skills and explains which type you should pay more attention to.

The Importance of Communicating in Sales and Business Development

Steven shares six essential keys of communication.

Steven Gaffney Joins the Ranks of the Top 10% of Speakers in the World

San Diego, CA (July, 2014)- Top honesty expert and dynamic motivational speaker Steven Gaffney was awarded the Certified Speaking Professional designation through the National Speakers Association (NSA) at the organization’s annual conference in San Diego, CA. The Certified Speaking Professional designation is an earned award honoring less than 10% of the speakers who belong to NSA and its worldwide counterpart the Global Speakers Federation. More than 1400 speakers were in attendance at the award ceremony at the Manchester Grand Hyatt this past week where Gaffney was presented his award. “Steven Gaffney is so well deserving of this designation because he has been a leading voice