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Building Trust with Anyone

Steven shares three essential keys you can use to build trust in any of your relationships.

Communicating with Angry Customers

Steven discusses the ramifications of angry customers and offers a 6-step process to turn an unhappy customer into a satisfied one.

Getting Your Team to Share Ideas

Great ideas don’t always come from leaders. Learn how to engage your team and promote the sharing of ideas.

Talking Badly About Others

Steven discusses the best way to handle negative comments from others.

Communication Tips for Leaders

Guest article by Paul Binsfeld, Founder and CEO of Company Nurse This past month, I had the opportunity to experience a keynote speaker by the name of Steven Gaffney. For those of us in leadership positions who find ourselves at too many conferences throughout the year, our expectations of actually getting some strong “take home” benefits from keynote speakers can be somewhat low.  And so it began when Steven Gaffney took the stage at a conference attended last month. Steven Gaffney was introduced as, among other things, “the leading expert on open and honest communication.”   I wasn’t sure whether I should listen up or yawn. 

Eliminating Negative Self-Talk

Steven discusses his “Five Step Self-Talk Turn Around Strategy.

How To Handle Rumors and Hearsay Information

Steven explains what to do when rumors and hearsay threaten to harm the workplace.