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Overcome Your Fears

Fear is a normal and appropriate response to many of the challenges we face in life. The problem comes when fear becomes a reason for not accomplishing something. The reality is that we often do things in spite of fear – we ride scary amusement park rides, meet future in-laws, go on job interviews, or go sky-diving. Fear is not the real reason we do not do something; it’s just an excuse we allow ourselves to use in order to get off the hook. For instance, fear of public speaking is one of the top fears people have. Yet few of us never speak in

Who Is Part of Your Personal Team?

Many people quote the famous line, “It’s not what happens to you, but what you do about it that matters.” I would add that this is true as long as you have the people around you who can help you point out what you cannot see or do for yourself. As some of you may know and as others would be shocked to know, I had challenges learning to speak at an early age.  Because of my parents’ tenacity, we were ultimately able to diagnose the source of the problem (my hearing was blocked). Once the issue was corrected, I was taken (for speech therapy)

What to Do When Things Go Wrong

Steven shares seven tips you can use when dealing with rough situations.