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Follow up to National Honesty Day 2016

  In an effort to help you further celebrate and implement National Honesty Day, so that it is every day of your life, I wanted to share this radio interview with you. In this interview, you will learn about: •  How human beings suffer from Honesty Delusional Syndrome (HDS) and what to do about it […]

National Honesty Day 2016

How to celebrate National Honesty Day on Saturday, April 30th – How often are we really telling the truth? Is it ever okay to lie? Honesty has a significant impact on any business as well as your personal life. Getting the Unsaid, Said is key to opening up communication and building trust with others. Watch […]

What To Do When Things Go Wrong

Life can be hard to compartmentalize, and when something bad happens in your day—whether it’s a meeting, an interaction with a co-worker, or a call—it has the power to send you into a negative spiral that ruins your day and even impacts others. That awareness is half the battle. The good news is awareness allows […]

How to Build Trust with Anyone

  The foundation of all relationships—at work and at home—is trust. Without it, things fall apart. There are three essential keys to building (or rebuilding) trust with anyone—your boss, your customers or clients, your coworkers, your employees, and even friends and loved ones. Implement these and watch your relationships improve: 1. Make and Keep Commitments […]

The Surprising Value of Unsolicited Advice

  My mother can be a negative person. If I say, “Business is great,” her response is, “Well, what if the economy takes another downturn?” This is exactly why some people never listen to unsolicited advice—they don’t want to be bothered with what they’re not even looking for. But if you only accept solicited advice, […]

How to Start the New Year Right

8 Ways to Jump Start the New Year The following are 8 crucial actions you can take to Jump Start your new year and make it your most meaningful year yet. These changes, though initially very small, can help to put your life on a different path. Good luck to you and we would love to […]