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How Tom Brady Could Benefit from Proactive Honesty

Steven Gaffney weighs in regarding the allegations against Tom Brady, NFL player for the New England Patriots. In his short interview, he points out the fact that we live in a society that regularly distorts the truth.

We live in a society that regularly distorts the truth about others without any sufficient evidence of what is real or not. Such was the case with the Tom Brady “Deflategate” Controversy. Last week, I was invited to News Channel 8 to talk about Tom Brady, professional sports and proactive honesty. Proactive honesty means using […]

One Helpful Tip to Inspire and Motivate Others

Inspiring others to take action is easy when you know how to approach the situation. Watch this video to learn more about motivating others to change.

Motivating others to change can be a difficult task at times. You may bump up against people who are resistant to change, who are content where they are or who simply don’t see the benefit or value in making a move in another direction. Inspiring others to take action is easy when you know how to approach […]

Beware of These 5 Communication Myths

When it comes to dealing with problems or issues with others, we are likely to believe one or more myths of communication -- ideas that are touted as solutions, but that can actually result in more problems.

  Myth #1: Time Heals All Wounds The truth is, that time usually deepens wounds. If time really healed all wounds, people would not blame their behavior on their childhood and past events as they often do. In fact, time can deceive us into thinking that problems with others have been resolved, but all it […]

Create Moments of Honesty Every Day

Steven appeared on Good Day DC to talk about National Honesty Day and why honesty is important in our personal and professional lives.

Last week I was invited to appear on Good Day DC to celebrate National Honesty Day. We had a great conversation about honesty and the impact it has on both personal and professional relationships.

National Honesty Day, April 30th

National Honesty Day is a great reminder to tell the truth, but it also forces us to confront the unpleasant truth about ourselves. Are you as honest as you think?

National Honesty Day brings us a healthy reminder to examine your current level of honesty. This holiday challenges people to evaluate just how honest they are. Lying is not just about making false statements. It also encompasses everything that is conveniently left out, avoided or withheld. In my nearly 20 years’ experience advising top government […]

The Law of Reflection

Are you familiar with this very important law? It can make or break your success.

Abide by the Law of Reflection The Law of Reflection states that what we give out is what we tend to get back. You may also know this law as the Golden Rule, or by the phrases “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” or “What goes around comes around.”  We […]

Cure Your Email Headaches!

Don't put up with the headaches that email communication can cause. Here are a few precautionary steps to help cure the pain.

Do not hide behind your keyboard to avoid uncomfortable or difficult conversations. In the spirit of National Honesty Day, let’s be honest. We have all decided to send an email to deal with an uncomfortable or upsetting issue instead of having a direct conversation. Do emails really help resolve issues or confusion more quickly and […]

How to Deliver Bad News

Delivering bad news can be a difficult and intimidating process. Learn a few tips to make it easier.

Bad news about us is better coming from our own mouths than from someone else’s. As National Honesty Day approaches and you consider your own level of honesty, you might find yourself in the “Truth vs. Lies” trap. This trap leads many to believe that if they simply refrain from lying, they are honest. That’s […]

The Cancer Wake Up Call

This month is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month. Since it is such an important topic to discuss, I wanted to share with you my own personal journey, how I conquered the big “C”, and the lessons I learned from it.

Some of you may not know, but I am a survivor of testicular cancer. In honor of Testicular Cancer Awareness Month, I want to share my story with you. Although I am cancer-free and completely healthy, there were a few things that remained and those were eight very important life lessons that I learned during […]