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Speak Your Mind: Your Life Depends on It!

February is Heart Health Month. Norman Cousins said, ‘Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside of us while we live.’ Experiencing loss while we live can manifest in a number of ways. As you’ll see in my latest article, communication (or lack thereof) can contribute to stress, […]

Want Higher Performing Employees? You Need to Ask These Three Critical Questions

In working relationships, whether as an employee or a consultant, creating an opportunity for success is key. Everyone wants their employees to succeed and reach critical objectives but often a crucial step in the feedback process is missed. This misstep can sometimes leave the employee unsure about how to adjust their behavior and the employer […]

5 Key Areas of Effective Communication: An Interview with Kelly Riggs

In this audio interview, with Kelly Riggs of The Business LockerRoom, Steven shares with you five keys to effective communication. The interview answers the following questions: Why you need to set up expectations before you communicate problems and challenges with others Why change reveals more problems than it causes and how to navigate change The […]