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Beware of the Halloween Principle!

Are there life principles that you used to live by, but now you don’t? Have you ever allowed someone to spook you to such an extent that you change your behavior? It’s natural to let someone’s bad reaction derail us from doing what we know needs to be done. I encounter this reality so often […]

Lessons from Great Communicators

One reason I love history is that it allows you to learn from the best. History offers many examples of great communicators, but these four particular leaders are touchstones for me. Consider what impetus they can provide for you in your quest to communicate effectively:  Martin Luther King had passion, faith, and selfless dedication to […]

WMB – Steven Gaffney “Embracing Honesty in the Workplace”

Watch this in-depth interview where Steven Gaffney provides specific strategies to make any team or organization significantly better as well as some strategies he has rarely ever discussed.

  Steven’s in-depth interview includes but is not limited to: • How to get others to speak their truth • How to prevent and move beyond any mistake and challenge • The biggest problem in meetings and how to fix it • Working with Millennials and other generations as a whole • The major mistake […]