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Steven Gaffney’s “Honest Communication” Strategies Promote Teamwork and Resolve Issues

The Steven Gaffney Company is a leading expert on honest, interpersonal communication, team performance, collaboration, and managing change to increase revenue and drive profit.  Through our sessions, books, products, media appearances, and coaching, we have been able to make an immediate and lasting change in both organizations and people’s personal lives for the past two decades. Thousands of business professionals credit Steven with helping them make a positive difference in their lives and careers.

If any of the following problems sound familiar to you, Steven Gaffney can help…

Problem: Failing to serve our customers and growing our business.

Solution: You must improve communication channels for peak efficiency and growth.
Through both seminars and keynotes, as well as his consulting and coaching programs, Steven Gaffney knows what it takes to get businesses and organizations to operate at peak efficiency. More important than personnel or equipment, open, honest communication is essential at every level of an organization.

Problem: Retaining top talent.

Solution: Employees—at the executive level and on the “front lines”—need to feel valued and a part of your company’s team.
When they don’t, they leave. Without open, honest communication running both ways in your organization, your “turn over” rate isn’t going to improve. Through both his seminars and keynotes, as well as his consulting and coaching programs, Steven Gaffney knows what it takes to get all levels of a business communicating effectively.

Problem: An environment that supports and encourages dishonest communication.

Solution: Honest communication creates a healthy environment that encourages interaction and supports business growth.
Dishonest, close-minded communication, including those that are incomplete or purposefully misleading, cost companies millions of dollars every year in lost opportunities and dissatisfied clients. Steven Gaffney shows you how adopting systems of open, honest communication can transform your working environment into one that stimulates business growth and builds teams that consistently succeed and communicate effectively.

Problem: Resolving key interpersonal and organizational issues.

Solution: Stop wasting time, energy, and money on repetitive conversations and communication breakdowns.
Steven’s proven communication systems, including “The Honest Communication Results System,” “The Honest Presentations Systems,” “The Honest Achievement Results System,” and “The Honest Leadership Results System” have given organizations the tools to improve communication internally, boosting teamwork and productivity.

Problem: Inability to create honest communication between your team and others.

Solution: If poor interpersonal communication, ineffective conflict management, and inconsistent teamwork are issues you face, Steven’s seminars, consulting, and coaching programs can help you show your team how to use open and honest communication—to say what really needs to be said, and to effectively deliver difficult information.

Problem: Getting projects completed in a timely and profitable manner.

Solution: Poor decisions usually stem from having only a portion of the information required. By not having all of the critical information, customer expectations are not being managed effectively, which results in problematic contracts and lost customers. Steven Gaffney can transform your team and help prevent costly breakdowns in communication. Steven’s proven, practical strategies and tactics really work–regardless of how difficult someone is or of how overworked, understaffed, or under-resourced your organization may be.

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