The Best Get Gaffney

The BEST organizations come to Steven Gaffney Company because they know HONEST COMMUNICATION is the #1 key to:

  1. Securing the foundation of an organization
    An organization’s foundation needs to be as solid as possible, and communication flow is critical to achieving this. As a leader, you cannot troubleshoot a problem that you are not aware of, and you cannot move forward on an idea that no one tells you about. It is important to work on increasing the communication flow up, down, and across your organization to open the stream of ideas, opportunities, and input from your workforce, which, in turn, creates a solid foundation for your organization to build on.
  2. Running a lean and effective organization
    Fewer resources make running a lean organization critical, especially for our clients in the government and defense contracting market. Organizations have to be as lean as possible because these days, they simply have fewer resources. This is one of the reasons why Steven Gaffney Company has seen an increase in clients and profits over the past years during the worst economy ever. Leaders realize that when resources are tight, it’s even more important to work directly with each other rather than wasting time and resources going around each other and failing to address the real problems and issues. Furthermore, direct and open communication is the key to moving forward with velocity so you get ideas, products, and solutions out to the market as quickly and effectively as possible.
  3. Leading through major organizational changes
    Organizational change is a fact of business life. New initiatives, opportunities, and areas of growth are exciting moments, but also bring change and disruption. We know from research that 70% of organizational changes fail to achieve their intended outcomes, and leaders are questioning why all of these changes are failing. We know that when people are faced with the unknown, they tend to freeze and take no action or, even worse, they take action based on incorrect assumptions, thereby costing the organization a lot of time and money. Why do our clients come to us for guidance when it comes to change? Because they realize that communication flow is the missing link. As changes are implemented, if people don’t share their questions, concerns, and ideas on modifications- and do so with urgency- the changes will take longer and will often miss their intended mark. We have figured out the formula for leading through any change during times of uncertainty. The key to a successful change initiative is open and honest communication, and our best clients know that.
  4. Unlocking ideas and innovation
    When organizations have limited communication flow (as most do),  employees are inhibited from sharing ideas, which ultimately holds back innovation. The key to generating the new ideas and innovation that is critical to success is a free flow of communication coupled with debate and discussion to make those ideas stronger.  Our techniques for open and honest communication solve issues with communication  flow and increase the development of innovative ideas, leading to higher performance and increased sales and profit.
  5. Achieving a fully engaged workforce and keeping top talent
    When a workforce is fully engaged, people proactively share their ideas and ask questions. Most importantly, employees know that their input and ideas are not only heard by leadership, but are also making a difference. Again, open and honest communication is the key- not only to having an engaged workforce but also to retaining top talent.  When people leave a job, they don’t really do it to leave the company, they do it to leave individuals (mainly, their bosses). People are also much more likely to leave if they feel their ideas and input are not making an impact.  Quite simply, encouraging open and honest communication will increase the flow of input and ideas, and these can be used to engage the workforce and retain talent in your organization.
  6. Achieving and excelling beyond goals
    It is the continual meeting and achieving of goals that enables organizations to continue to thrive. Thriving organizations understand that the secret to improving profits and exceeding goals is to encourage open and honest communication, increasing the flow of questions, feedback, and ideas- which fuel the engine of innovation and success.
  7. Sustaining and remaining the best in the industry
    When organizations are the best in their industry, they have a tendency to think that they have all the answers, and they hire and promote the leaders who have had these same answers in the past. However, this can be a slippery slope because these leaders may think their answers are the only  answers and dismiss any new ideas that come along. In this sort of culture, employees are less likely to share ideas that run counter to company folklore and when they do, those ideas are often ignored anyway. Understanding this dynamic and the necessity for open and honest communication will help the best organizations not get too comfortable and remain on top of their industry. Our job at the Steven Gaffney Company is to come in and shake things up to help your organization remain the best.

You can’t fix a problem you don’t know about, and you can’t move forward on an idea that no one tells you. The key is to get that unsaid, said.“- Steven Gaffney