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Inspiring Excellence

Leading and Motivating Today’s Workforce Through Honesty

“People can’t solve problems or seize opportunities unless they know about them. Great leaders make that happen.” --Steven Gaffney

Attracting Talented People
Keeping Teams on Track and Focused
Managing and Influencing People

Have you ever watched an organization change its leader, make no other changes, and dramatically improve its productivity and morale? Honest and effective leadership is the key.

We are all leaders. Regardless of the title we’ve been assigned, or our level in the organization, we lead our staff, our bosses, our co-workers, clients, potential clients, stockholders, and even our family and our friends. We lead all day long, consciously or subconsciously. The question is what are we leading people to do?

Excellent leadership is a much-sought-after skill. Not only is it one that all organizations need (and, equally importantly, know that they need), it is a skill that is often deficient in otherwise talented people. And, as we all know, the absence of definitive leadership skills is a key reason why some people are never as successful as they could – and should – be.

Steven Gaffney’s "Inspiring Excellence" is a leadership seminar designed to provide specific strategies, techniques, and tools that will produce change and help you achieve your goals. This ground-breaking, highly interactive program will dramatically improve teamwork, loyalty, trust, and morale. It will help everyone to work together more effectively to accomplish the organization’s vision and goal.

In fact, "Inspiring Excellence" can teach anyone how to develop a pro-active, energetic, entrepreneurial environment that will motivate people to excel beyond their personal and organizational expectations. The seminar is customized to your organization’s needs and can be made suitable for all levels and departments.

In addition to a shared experience, when you attend "Inspiring Excellence," you will learn our proprietary process called The Honest Leadership Results System (or HLRS). You will discover how most of us unknowingly encourage and condition people not to be honest, and what we can do to turn that situation around instantly. Specifically you will learn key interpersonal strategies, techniques and tools that develop, enhance and boost peoples' willingness and ability to communicate honestly with you.

The HLRS produces immediate and sustainable results. It has seven outcomes:

  • Creates a pro-active, ownership environment where people willingly take ownership of what is happening around them
  • Makes people want to be honest in providing feedback about key information, problems, ideas, and opportunities
  • Causes people to want to keep their word
  • Leverages the talents and skill of your team and others
  • Speeds up and improves the quality of decision-making and implementation
  • Provides inspiring, clear direction that moves the organization forward
  • Increases teamwork and productivity

HLRS will save you and your organization time, increase productivity and teamwork, elevate morale, and reduce turnover, absenteeism, and employee conflict. It will energize you and your organization to reach new levels of achievement and job satisfaction.

"Inspiring Excellence" provides you with easy and fast-working strategies, techniques, and tips that can be used to:

  • Eliminate stress and anxiety that comes with the responsibility of leadership
  • Break down “group think” so you can get unfiltered, important information
  • Clearly define direction and goals
  • Reduce time wasted in meetings
  • Overcome organizational changes
  • Encourage people to want to be accountable
  • Persuade people to do what needs to be done, without being manipulative
  • Manage expectations
  • Ignite people’s self-motivation
  • Recognize and utilize peoples’ skill sets
  • Leverage the work of others
  • Influence people who are not in your direct control
  • Successfully sell ideas and garner commitment

In addition you will receive:

  • “The Seven Leadership Checkpoints In Difficult Times”
  • The "10 Crucial Questions Test” to determine the likelihood of having an honesty problem
  • The essential key to turning around an organization instantly
  • The critical strategy to developing free-flow honest feedback and five techniques to implement it
  • What to do when people have lost trust--and the crucial technique to regain it
  • The fundamental flaw in how we assess people... and how to do it better
  • "Seven Benefits that Drive Human Behavior"
  • Three keys to decide how often you need to follow up
  • An 11-point Results Meeting process to end time wasting, ineffective meetings

Real-World Application
We’ve all taken seminars that are great in the classroom, but have little application in the real world. To ensure this doesn’t happen, you will be encouraged to choose the most difficult, challenging leadership issue you know as your own private laboratory during the HLRS seminar. You’ll discover how to apply what you learn with that issue. When you complete the seminar, you will have learned and practiced the strategies and techniques, seen how to use them in all different situations, and you will have a game plan on how to resolve your most difficult issue. In addition, throughout the seminar, you will have the opportunity to think about past leadership issues and how you might have handled them differently. The aim is to help you be more effective when those situations arise in the future.

Thousands of people credit Steven’s keynote addresses, breakout sessions, and intense multi-day seminars with making a critical difference in helping them communicate honestly, motivate themselves, and lead others. His Honest Communication Results System has helped individuals and organizations be honest and truthful, so they can be more effective and profitable.

Implementation Integrator Process™
While others talk about customizing seminars to meet clients' specific needs, the Steven Gaffney Company delivers. The Implementation Integrator Process™ (IIP) allows us to carefully design and tailor our seminars by drawing from the vital background information collected from our pre-program questionnaire, in-depth industry research, confidential telephone interviews and emails with key decision makers and participants.

Through the IIP process, we identify and address your organization's unique and often hidden challenges and deliver highly tailored presentations that leave our clients saying, "It's as if they work here."

Steven Gaffney Company will invest considerable time and effort to ensure your challenges are identified, addressed, and resolved.

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