Steven’s Powerful Message Goes Beyond Truth and Lies

When communication is stunted, it affects every aspect of organizational life. Often the cause goes beyond the aspect of truth vs. lies; it is the more subtle and sometimes more insidious aspect – the withholding of issues, information, opportunities and ideas.  The key to collaboration, innovation, and growth is to get the unsaid said. Steven Gaffney is a leading expert in honest, interpersonal communication, influence and leadership. Thousands of people credit Steven’s speeches, seminars, TV, and radio appearances–as well as his books and educational products–with helping them make immediate, positive, and lasting change in both their organizations as well as their personal lives. Steven’s books Just Be Honest: Authentic Communication Strategies that Get Results and Last a Lifetime” and “Honesty Works! Real-World Solutions to Common Problems at Work & Home” have received both national and international attention and have become “must reads” in the communications field. Steven’s programs are fast-paced and informative. Each is packed with critical information backed by first-hand experience to help your audience discover new and better ways to communicate honestly in their personal and private lives

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