• The Steven Gaffney Company can help you improve your organizational performance by ensuring that the entire organization is aligned in the vision, goals, and objectives through our tailored consulting services. By working with us, you will see a breakthrough in performance among your employees and your organization will become more focused, productive, and profitable.  Read more

  • Looking for a dynamic and engaging speaker with rich content for your conferences, off-sites, quarterly meetings, or special events? Our highly respected and passionate founder, Steven Gaffney, including our team of associates, know how to get the audience’s attention while delivering powerful messages with rich and lasting content.  Read more

  • Want to get to the next level or need an executive coach to hold you accountable in achieving desired goals? Perhaps you may need an outside sounding board on confidential issues to run ideas by. Steven Gaffney and our experienced coaches can help you in achieving that.  Read more

  • When companies have frequent reviews of their leadership and the overall organization, it will help prevent unexpected issues and challenges from emerging. Our assessments not only give you the background on your current situation, but also give you actionable feedback so that there is accountability to get the issues resolved.  Read more

  • Need an important meeting or difficult discussion facilitated smoothly to capture desired outcomes? Steven Gaffney and our team of experts can guide and assist you in facilitating effective meetings in order to reach the end goal.  Read more

  • Would you like to be able to have access to our professional advice and counsel anytime when you have trust, communication, leadership, crisis, and managing change issues that arise? If so, a retainer might be the best option for you. For information on our customized retainer packages,  Read more

  • Licensing of the Steven Gaffney Company’s products is an easy, cost-effective way for executives to underscore and highlight essential trainings and messages for everyone in their organization. Product Licensing comes with unlimited mentoring and support on the best way to utilize the products and get the best results.  Read more

  • Steven Gaffney and associates will train key individuals within your organization on the methodology from our seminars and coaching programs. This is an effective way to ensure that all employees receive the same training in a timely manner and are excited about it.  Read more