High Performance Executive Coaching
and Advising Program

This program includes six (6) months of unlimited leadership advisory, coaching, and consulting directly with Steven Gaffney.  Steven will bring you cross-discipline, innovative strategies from working almost 20 years with top executives from major international organizations in various industries. He will work with you one-on-one to understand your challenges and offer sound guidance based on your desired outcomes.  In addition, Steven will help you to create and implement a focused, winning strategy to quickly and efficiently achieve meaningful, long lasting results with your relationships internally and externally. He will help direct you to leverage your natural strengths as a leader with his practical and tangible approaches to help you produce winning results and achieve your professional goals. Whether leading through uncertainty, looking to improve communication and leadership skills,  or looking for fresh, innovative ways to boost the profitability (or cost savings) and productivity, working with Steven will assist you in mapping out the right path to business success with the least resistance and confront challenges head on. You will discover how to create and implement focused strategies and techniques to achieve the results the organization wants in the areas of leadership, building relationships, and communication. This option includes a 360 Actionable Feedback Assessment in which you select up to 10 people to receive an in-depth confidential phone interview about yourself.   An analysis and summary report will be produced with the general themes and findings with specific actionable items for you (respecting the confidentiality of each person being interviewed). The 360 Actionable Feedback Assessment is critical to discovering the hidden obstacles that prevent you from excelling to the next level and will help serve the game plan to help achieve the results desired during the coaching period. In addition, this program also includes the following:

  • Unlimited one on one sessions via telephone 24/7 or web-conference
  • Unlimited email and text support
  • One onsite in-person meeting with Steven Gaffney in the Washington DC metro area with the participating leader (up to a half day).  Steven may shadow and observe the leader in action with their team and give feedback and guidance needed for improvement. This visit is scheduled at the leader’s leisure depending upon goals and objectives.
  • One set of books, articles, materials and other products from Steven Gaffney to reinforce accountability and assist in meeting objectives.

Winning results may include the following (depending on the agreed goals and outcomes):

  • Learn strategies to resolve any issue no matter the position, level of, or politics involved with any individual
  • Build better relationships and alliances to develop ideas and execute initiatives with velocity
  • Create a culture that inspires excellence and encourages employees to achieve full potential
  • Discover and fix hidden problems in your organization that could eventually become large, costly issues
  • Prevent being surprised and blindsided by issues that should have been escalated
  • Uncover, resolve, and excel beyond organizational politics and hidden agendas
  • Gain buy-in in order to make difficult decisions quickly
  • Resolve resistance and change blockers who are obstacles to the momentum and success of key initiatives
  • Retain top talent and reduce employee turnover
  • Uncover new revenue streams (or cost savers) and opportunities
  • Inspire and raise the level of your team/organization’s performance and productivity
  • Lead through any change or level of uncertainty
  • Increase the organization’s focus on customer relations to boost results
  • Create an environment where people self-manage to save time and better utilize resources
  • Develop a clear vision and strategy that is understood and well-executed
  • Better leverage the ideas, skills, and talent of the workforce across the organization
  • Increase communication flow up, down, and across the organization
If you would like more information on this program and other leadership advisory programs, please contact us for more information. (703) 241-7796
Executive Mentoring and Advising Program