Achieving Beyond Limits

Honest Motivation and Excelling Strategies of Star Performers

“If you are not progressing, you are regressing. The key is to use what you have, rather than changing who you are.” —Steven Gaffney

Are you looking for a competitive edge? Do you accomplish a lot but still feel unfulfilled? Or, are you not sure what to do to get to the next level? Do you ever feel empty or unmotivated even when you reach goals? Do you wish you could be motivated any time you wanted to accomplish something? This seminar will answer these questions and many more. You’ll find it helpful regardless of your experience or your management level.

An organization can gain a competitive edge and achieve its goals only when the people within that organization are able to achieve their goals. Achieving goals seems increasingly difficult in today’s world.

Today’s turbulent times often cause people to react emotionally, lose focus, and get sidetracked. As businesses reorganize, cut budgets and reallocate resources, stress increases and tension escalates. Negative, attitudes and complaints can run rampant through an organization. Employees and managers are called upon to do more and more with less and less. Eventually, morale declines, productivity drops and profitability suffers.

Given that reality, how do we remain calm, keep focused, and excel in an environment characterized by too much work and not enough time and resources? The answers lie in Achieving Beyond Limits: Honest Motivation and Excelling Strategies of Star Performers.

Achieving Beyond Limits is an intensive career development program built around the central notion of honesty. It will provide you with specific strategies, techniques and tools that star performers use to achieve beyond limitations. In the process, you will see how to dramatically enhance and improve your career and achieve the goals you want while you increase initiative, focus, motivation, job satisfaction, and productivity. It is appropriate for all levels of an organization, all individual career levels, and customized to your particular needs as a client.

If you feel cluttered and at a stand-still, this seminar will show you how to manage the only factor you can control – yourself – to break through those obstacles and get moving again. The key is to make an honest assessment of where you have been, where you are, and where you want to go—after all, the worst lies we tell are the lies we tell ourselves. Whether we lie about going on a diet or exercise program, or moving to the next level in our company, some of us have broken so many promises that new commitments are met with a little voice inside that chides, “Who are you kidding? You will never do that!”

Achieving Beyond Limits reveals how to accomplish difficult goals with less effort. You will create a one-year plan with measurable goals that sets you on course for the rest of your life. You will uncover your top three priorities so you can keep focused even when things get crazy and unpredictable. You will also learn a methodology for overcoming any difficult situation and learn how to create a group of advisors and supporters that acts like a “board of directors” to support your plan. Please contact our office for more details on this session 703 241-7796.

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If you are not progressing, you are regressing. The key is to use what you have, rather than changing who you are.
Steven Gaffney
Honest Motivation and Excelling Strategies of Star Performers