Be a Change Champion

Master Momentum: How to Sustain the Boom and Avoid the Bust of Change

Research has shown that the majority of changes attempted within an organization fail. However, the rate of change in today’s business climate is moving faster than ever and has created new challenges for even the strongest leaders. It is important that leaders have a specific skill set that enables them to be adaptive, motivating and empowering to their teams in an environment where change and ambiguity are the norm. In this session, based on Steven’s upcoming book entitled Be a Change Champion. Mastering Momentum: 10 Factors for Sustaining the Boom and Avoiding the Bust of Change, leaders will learn critical skills for managing and leading through any change, no matter how unpredictable or uncertain the environment.

The session also includes strategies for keeping up the momentum, motivation, and morale of organizational change initiatives as well as how to prevent organizational change fatigue. Change frequently reveals additional organizational problems that have been previously neglected or unresolved, making this skill set even more essential to the success of the initiative. Many people have leadership skills, but the specific ability to lead through times of change and keep up the workforce’s momentum is a specialized, distinct strength to help leaders survive and thrive in today’s business world.

Outcomes for this session (time permitting) include:

  • Determine and implement the most critical keys to lead through any change initiative and successfully keep up momentum, motivation, and morale
  • Implement powerful strategies and techniques to understand, influence, and persuade others to achieve goals and objectives
  • Overcome objections and resistance to change and convert them into opportunities
  • Become a major strategic partner who effects change in your organization by learning how to connect with others in order to have the most impact
If you would like to learn more about this session and how we can customize it to suit the needs of your team, please contact us at (703) 241-7796 for details.