Getting the Unsaid Said

The Key to Innovation, Collaboration, and Growth Is Not What People Say, but What They DON’T Say to Each Other

One of the top problems in the work place today, based on more than a decade of research, is the failure to distinguish what is “noticed” (the facts of the situation) from what is “imagined” (opinions, thoughts, evaluations, conclusions). This may sound like a simple distinction, but just think of how often people operate and make decisions as if their opinions are fact rather than exploring the real truth. Have you seen missed opportunities because someone believes they know what their customer wants rather than checking in and listening to uncover what the customer really wants and needs? Have you ever seen project execution go awry because project goals were based on assumptions rather than facts and data points? The misdiagnosis becomes even more exacerbated when the people, involved have different agendas, goals, needs, and backgrounds.

The key deliverables from this session are: conveying crystal clear messages, preventing misunderstandings and getting people to share information, ideas, opportunities, and solutions. Leaders will learn how to save time, energy, and money from being wasted on repetitive, non-productive, ineffective conversations in order to increase the bottom line.

“The Power of Wrong”
How a Simple Shift in Understanding Can Improve Decision-Making and Positively Affect the Bottom Line

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