Honest Breakthrough Conversation

How to Resolve Any Issue through an Honest Breakthrough Conversation

The average employee loses seven weeks of productivity every year because of troublesome and unresolved communication issues. Lack of open, honest communication is at the root of 80 percent of problems at work. Upwards of 75 percent of employees who leave their jobs do so because of communication issues and relationship issues with their boss– not money. The number-one factor that drives employees to be engaged in their job is their relationship with their boss. Even more startling are statistics that show 91 percent of people admit to lying regularly, and the number-one reason they lie is fear.

Communication problems don’t spring out of nowhere and are rarely one-sided. The environment that we communicate in gets muddied through personality conflicts, office politics, internal conflict, drama, gossip, negativity, “Yes-People,” repetitive conversations, poor information flow and ineffective meetings.

What’s the underlying problem and bottom-line costs?

The root cause of most problems at work is lack of honesty and the subsequent withholding. For example, how often have you said to yourself, “If they had just told me what was bothering them and what they wanted, I could have done something about it?” or “If I just had all the necessary information to do my job, I could have made a better decision in a fraction of the time and done it so much better?” This problem is toxic to every relationship, at every level, within every organization.

Most people are unaware how much simply not being honest curbs teamwork, stunts innovation, wastes millions in productivity, and restricts the ability to generate new business. Your costs rise when:

  • Vital information is not shared in a timely manner, causing problematic contracts and failed projects
  • Complete information is withheld, resulting in poor or costly decisions being made
  • Departments don’t share important information and work effectively together
  • People work “around each other” instead of directly
  • People leave their jobs because they’ve “had enough”
  • People waste time in meetings by not sharing the truth (and the “real” meetings take place outside the scheduled ones)
  • People hide behind e-mail instead of talking to each other to resolve issues

What’s the answer?

In this honest communication and conflict management seminar, you will learn the Honesty Edge™ system that effectively and consistently boosts performance, teamwork, and leadership. Our Honesty Edge™ system requires no testing, analyzing, or categorizing of people. Why? Because this proprietary system is based on the way the human mind thinks and has been refined by years of research working with people from a wide array of businesses, associations and government organizations.

What’s the benefit and outcomes?

After learning the practical, hands-on Honesty Edge™ system, you will be able to honestly and openly resolve any issue and work effectively with anyone – no matter how difficult. This eye-opening system produces six primary results:

  • Increased Performance
  • Increased Teamwork
  • Increased Levels of Customer Service
  • Increased Decision-Making Effectiveness
  • Increased Leadership Effectiveness
  • Increased Inter- and Intra- Departmental Communication

This seminar shows you how we unknowingly encourage others not to be honest and how we can turn the situation around. You’ll discover the real reasons why it’s so difficult to work with some people. You’ll learn how to identify the sources of conflict before they become huge problems. You’ll learn why most people don’t ask questions, search for feedback, or give others the benefit of the doubt — and you’ll discover what you can do about it.

With the Honesty Edge™ system, you’ll learn how to:

  • Eliminate communication breakdowns and personality differences with the most difficult people
  • Confront situations in ways that build and strengthen relationships
  • Reduce time wasted in unnecessary conversations and meetings
  • Prevent others from undermining or sabotaging conversations
  • Receive critical information, ideas and advice needed to effectively do your job
  • Meet deadlines consistently—on time and on budget
  • Reduce defensiveness, distress and closed-minded thinking
  • Work effectively with highly emotional people
  • Turn negative conversations into solution-oriented discussions
  • Manage expectations
  • Successfully sell ideas and garner reliable commitments
  • Breathe new life into seemingly dead or hopeless relationships
  • Increase the sharing of ideas that help the growth of the organization
  • Reclaim significant energy and money now being wasted on communication breakdowns
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Honest Breakthrough Conversation