Influencing With or Without Authority

Honest Persuasion Strategies that Make Things Happen – Internally and Externally

Everyone needs to know how to influence and sell. Why? Because, on a daily basis, there are opportunities for virtually everyone in an organization to directly or indirectly influence the health, growth and success of your organization. Many of these opportunities in today’s fast-paced, extremely competitive environment are there one minute, and gone the next. It is crucial to learn how to survive in a matrix organization where leaders do not own the resources that the need to accomplish their business objectives. The key is to leverage the power of your workforce to quickly recognize, develop and capitalize on these opportunities.

The Underlying Problem and Severe Costs Sometimes people think influencing and selling means manipulating people into doing things they really don’t want to do. Others don’t know how to sell ideas and influence people across organizational lines, up and down the organizational ladder or with their clients. This causes ideas and opportunities to be missed and initiatives and proposals to be stalled or not well executed. This breaks down leadership, stifles teamwork, wastes huge amounts of time, sabotages innovation, reduces productivity and kills potential profits.

The Solution This seminar provides specific strategies and techniques that you can use both internally within your organization and externally with customers, vendors and other organizations. You will learn the Key Rapport Factors involved in building sincere relationships, which is essential to influencing anyone in a non-manipulative manner. Also learn the Power Principles of Influence that enable your ideas, requests, and initiatives to be accepted internally and externally, as well how to dissolve resistance and resolve objections.

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