Plan, Execute and Implement Organizational Ideas

How to Increase the Overall Effectiveness of Your Organization to Maximize Business Growth in 2 Hours and 18 Minutes

This session focuses on increasing the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the organization to improve the bottom line. Participants will develop a list of ideas to improve the organization, then isolate the top three most important ideas, and finally, develop a workable plan to implement those ideas. They will then present, adjust and ultimately adopt the plans to implement the selected ideas and will ultimately be accountable for the results after the session.

Participants will use our proprietary 2 hour and 18 minute process that converts an organizational issue into an executable plan with accountability. In addition, participants will learn how to apply previous interpersonal communication strategies, learned from the Steven Gaffney Company, to resolve organizational issues and problems and to apply ideas.

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Increasing the overall effectiveness of your organization
in 2 hours and 18 minutes