Podium Prowess

The ability to excel as a presenter who achieves outstanding results is an essential skill, whether you conduct meetings, give small-group presentations, or deliver keynote speeches.

John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., and Winston Churchill were all considered to be outstanding speakers, yet each one of them had a different style. If you try to adapt to someone else’s style – even the style of someone as successful and well-known as these men – your message will get lost in the style. It is important that you cultivate a style of your own…one that is effective and one that makes you feel comfortable.

“Podium Prowess: How to Give Effective Presentations Every Time Through Honesty”™ shows you how to develop your own style and capitalize on your unique strengths so that you feel comfortable. When you are comfortable with how you present information, you will become extremely effective as a presenter. You will learn easy and practical techniques to make every presentation a winner, no matter how tough the audience. This includes how to handle any interruptions, distractions, or challenge. These strategies will work whether you are conducting a meeting, giving a small-group presentation, or delivering a keynote speech.

When you attend “Podium Prowess,” you will learn our proprietary presentation process called the Honest Presentation Results System™ (HPRS). This system produces three significant outcomes:

  • It provides a format that guarantees any presentation will be successful
  • It handles any group dynamics no matter how difficult the audience
  • It consistently delivers powerful, persuasive, and effective presentations

Our proprietary HPRS process gives you the ability to present effectively, no matter how uncertain the economic environment may be or how many organizational changes may be taking place. This process enables you to make effective presentations to anyone, regardless of their background, needs, personality, or personal agenda.

HPRS is particularly effective at showing you how to present difficult information that people don’t want to hear. In addition, you will become adept at making presentations to people who are emotional, not focused, or have no time to hear your message.

You will discover exactly how to organize the flow of your presentation. The emphasis in the seminar is on finding and settling into your honest style so that it becomes so natural you can focus entirely on your message. Steven Gaffney believes the power comes from the message, not from presentation style. This is what Steven refers to as the “Inside-Out Principle” that all great communicators have in common. Steven will provide you with specific strategies the most effective communicators of our time have used to develop and deliver powerful, effective presentations.

“Podium Prowess” provides you with easy and fast-working strategies, techniques and tips that can be used to:

  • Mentally prepare for your presentation
  • Develop greater self-confidence
  • Energize your presentation
  • Prevent people from undermining or sabotaging your presentation
  • Disarm counter-productive, manipulative issues that may arise during the presentation
  • Deliver sharp, clear presentations
  • Analyze and understand your audience’s concerns, fears, issues, and agendas
  • Connect and establish rapport with any audience
  • Successfully sell ideas and garner commitment

In addition you will receive:

  • The three keys that all great speakers have in common
  • The two most important strategies in beginning any presentation
  • The key to working with hostile or combative audiences
  • The five best techniques to overcome fear and anxiety of doing presentations
  • The essential information to find out before you do any presentation
  • The most powerful persuasive technique… more persuasive even than statistics
  • The three keys to charisma
  • The four-step process that can neutralize and resolve any objection, challenge, or tough question

Real-World Application
We’ve all taken seminars that are great in the classroom, but have little application in the real world. To ensure this doesn’t happen, you will be encouraged to choose the most difficult, challenging presentation you face as your own private laboratory during the seminar. You will learn exactly how to apply what you learn to that presentation. When you complete the seminar, you will have learned and practiced the strategies and techniques, seen how to use them in all different situations, and you will have a game plan on how to prepare for and make your next presentation more effective than anything you’ve done before.
In addition, throughout the seminar, you will have the opportunity to think about past difficult presentations and how you might have handled them differently.

Implementation Integrator Process™
While others talk about customizing seminars to meet clients’ specific needs, the Steven Gaffney Company delivers. The Implementation Integrator Process™ (IIP) allows us to carefully design and tailor our seminars by drawing from the vital background information collected from our pre-program questionnaire, in-depth industry research, confidential telephone interviews and emails with key decision makers and participants.

Through the IIP process, we identify and address your organization’s unique and often hidden challenges and deliver highly tailored presentations that leave our clients saying, “It’s as if they work here.”

Steven Gaffney Company will invest considerable time and effort to ensure your challenges are identified, addressed, and resolved.

Find out more about the power of “Podium Prowess” by calling us at (703) 241-7796, or you can contact us online to schedule Steven Gaffney for your organization.
Podium Prowess
How to Give Effective Presentations Every Time Through Honesty