Reboot, Engage, and Accelerate!

Facilitated Teambuilding for Key Leaders

The first step to fixing any electronic device is hitting “reboot”- turning it off and back on to reset for a fresh start. In many ways, a team works the same way. Even a world-class executive leadership team may need help with their communication, group dynamics, trust issues, and alignment to take themselves to the next level of performance and contribute more powerfully to the organization’s bottom line. Many times, all it takes is a reset so the team is able to refocus, re-engage, and tap into their potential to move forward with velocity to unprecedented performance.

New, old, and any teams in between all need, at various times, to get their issues out and resolve them in order to achieve this “reboot.” These issues block and interfere with the way a team works with each other. Even new teams tend to have this problem because often, there are legacy problems, past history, distorted hearsay, and organizational folklore impacting the new team.

By knowing all of the team’s hidden issues through the Summary Analysis, Steven will create a safe environment and facilitate each participant to openly share their challenges, questions, and feedback with the rest of the group.

One of the factors that tends to break down a team is lack of Growth Conflict™.  Some teams and organizations bury their conflict and as we know, time can deepen problems. Other times, a group’s conflict is out in the open, but is never actually resolved. Steven will encourage Growth Conflict™, which means that the group’s conflict is completely brought out and resolved. Ultimately, this open conflict process will inspire innovation and improve the team’s overall effectiveness, alignment, collaboration, and results.

After the issues are openly discussed and resolved, Steven will facilitate the team to buy into and adopt an actionable plan with accountability to aid them in moving forward on their goals and outcomes. His winning intellectual formula will help the team leave with new ways of operating that ultimately result in producing desired success and a new level of performance.

Outcomes for the session include:

  • Discovery and resolution of the real issues that are blocking your team from moving forward
  • Creation of an actionable plan developed with buy-in and accountability
  • Participating leaders learn strategies and tools to facilitate their own Growth Conflict™ dialogue
  • Learning six essential ground rules that are critical to building trust with any team
  • Learning key strategies for driving decisive actions that do not need to be re-litigated or revisited
  • An increase in the speed of analysis and decision-making among team members
  • Learning how to resolve some of the most challenging issues that impact relationships and team dynamics