Be a Change Champion Testimonials

Praise for Be a Change Champion and Steven Gaffney’s work

The following testimonials demonstrate how this book has made a difference in various industries and all levels of organizations.

“We have had the pleasure of working first hand with Steven and his team on a number of change initiatives over the past several years. His input and advice have contributed immensely to the success of those initiatives, particularly with respect to open and honest communication, a critical factor in any organization. This book, utilizing 10 straightforward Momentum Keys, a Change Completion Graph, and helpful real-life examples, provides an excellent roadmap for sustaining the momentum of successful change, whether it is organizational or personal. I highly recommend it.”
Jamie Sokalsky, CEO, Barrick Gold Corporation
“One of the greatest challenges a business leader has today is to help others understand and embrace the journey of change. In an ever-changing marketplace, competition comes from more directions. Customer demands shift more frequently. Time requirements are continually compressed, and new challenges emerge for the leadership team and the workforce – challenges to be more flexible, productive, efficient, creative, communicative, and team-oriented. Companies must adapt to survive under these new market conditions. The most successful companies, however, prosper in these times because their leadership focuses on energizing the entire organization towards a pursuit of a shared dream, and they find a way to maintain the organization’s collective commitment to implementing the changes required to reach their goals. Steven Gaffney is an industry leader in helping both individuals and organizations deal with change. In Be a Change Champion, Steven has found a way to break down the complex nature of mastering momentum during change initiatives. His 10 keys to success offer an insightful roadmap that can help leaders truly understand the impediments to successful change. In addition, the book provides readers valuable tools and methods to break through the barriers that slow down the momentum a changing organization needs to achieve its goals.”
Stu Shea, Business Leader and Intelligence Professional, former President and Chief Operating Officer, Leidos
Be a Change Champion is an insightful, quick, and meaningful read for anyone who leads a business. It’s a book that all stakeholders can, and should, read time and time again. If you are facing any obstacle in implementing a new strategy, you will be able to directly apply Steve’s simple, yet effective, stages in running a clean, motivated, and honest organization. As Steve presents in the book, reinforcement, repetition, and proactive honesty do not end at the beginning of change, but run continuously throughout successful ventures.”
JD Kathuria, Founder & CEO, WashingtonExec
“Steven has done it again. This work should be of monumental consequence to all who need to effect and manage change for success. Change is essential in business. Continued success demands it. But anyone contemplating change should read this book carefully. Take Steven’s core point to heart…. change is not a one-time event. Rather, it is a process that will challenge the most wise and most dedicated change agent. Be prepared for a grind. Use the advice contained in this work. Think about the examples. Put his graphic on your wall and review it daily. Be glad Steven has produced this work for you.”
Larry Cox, COO, EMM Technology
“Having led the transformation of a 45-year-old company to two new companies with distinct strategic intents, I agree with the challenge of maintaining enterprise momentum. Steven’s new book identifies the most common challenges to sustaining the momentum that is required to successfully implement a major change program. He also offers practical solutions to these challenges, many of which I utilized with great success.”
Doug Wagoner, President, Services & Solutions Sector, SAIC
“Steven has hit another home run. Change can be debilitating, even to a good organization and management team. Steven’s insights to keep positive change moving forward are clear and concise…a must-read for change leaders.”
Steve Schafer, Aerospace and Defense Consultant and former Vice President, COBHAM
“Steven’s book is a must-read for anyone contemplating a period of substantive organizational change. I work with companies struggling with ways to strengthen their corporate ethical cultures, and Steven’s practical steps for organizing, executing, and maintaining change momentum are bound to be a game-changer for organizations striving to improve their ethical performance.”
Eric R. Feldman, Managing Director, Corporate Ethics and Compliance Programs, Affiliated Monitors, Inc. and Former Inspector General, U.S. National Reconnaissance Office
“Steven’s new book, Be a Change Champion, hit me at an opportune time. We recently implemented several key changes in our organizational structure and I had been looking for ways to avoid loss of focus and momentum. The book offers a number of great ideas and provides thought-provoking concepts to keep morale high and maintain energy as we move forward. He packs a tremendous amount of beneficial and helpful material in just a few, easy-to-implement pages.”
Ken Smith, Executive Director, Alabama League of Municipalities
“Gaffney has cracked the code on corporate reorganizations by serving up a series of accessible, pragmatic tools that empower people over process.”
Derek Edgar, Director of Marketing, DePuy Synthes, a Johnson & Johnson Company
“This book brings together two critical factors for the success of any leader – the ability to lead and sustain change, plus Steven Gaffney’s acclaimed thinking on the subject. Change is never easy, however, it is the hallmark of a true leader, and Steven guides us through everything we need to know about leading and sustaining change in this new book. Initiating change is difficult, sustaining change is even more difficult, and bringing change to completion is most difficult of all. Steven’s 10 Momentum Keys are exactly what we need to guide us through the process.”
L. William Varner, President, Mission, Cyber & Intelligence Group, ManTech International Corporation
“Steven Gaffney brings to the written word the same engaging, captivating and thought provoking style that makes him such an effective speaker. Be a Change Champion is a pragmatic guide for dealing with the only constant in the world…change. The examples he uses will resonate with the reader and the advice he offers is sound. I recommend this book for anyone who aspires to be an impactful change champion.”
Charles Wright, President, Public Sector Services, Travelers
“Throughout my career I have led significant change initiatives both in the private and public environments, and have been faced with many of the factors discussed in Be a Change Champion. Steven’s insights into these momentum factors are absolutely on the mark. The issues he discusses occur in both small and large projects and being able to effectively manage these factors are critical for success.”
Jack Pellegrino, Director, Department of Purchasing and Contracting, County of San Diego
“Most people profess to support change. The problem, however, is that people fail to realize how they personally may be stalling or blocking a change initiative, and they ultimately blame everyone else when the change fails. Steven’s book bridges that gap, brings clarity to all participants involved in a change, and creates a logical path forward so any organizational change will be a success.”
Tom Kritzell, President, Smiths Power
“I have worked with Steven for over seven years to help fix some of the change-related issues of major projects that our internal change management processes have been unable to address. During my last project, I was plagued with every issue that Steve talks about in his book, and I believe that this is a ‘must-read’ and a perfect ‘checklist’ for every manager about to embark on a major strategic initiative for an organization. Steven’s methods have proven successful each time I have incorporated them into my projects. This book is long overdue!”
Klaus Heerwig, Senior Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton
“45+ years in government and private industry have allowed me to experience the infinite ways people address change. Today’s executives would do well to prepare themselves, and their organizations, with the tools to implement and sustain the change actions needed to reach their desired change objectives. Gaffney’s insights and track record of guiding organizations through this minefield provide a confidence-building framework for any enterprise seeking a better way to achieve success.”
Bill Schmieder, President, Raytheon International, Europe
“Steve Gaffney’s insights continue to amaze me. In the world that we live in, where change is the only constant, it’s our ability to plan for it, adapt to it, and learn from it that will separate organizations. Steve’s approach is a well-thought-out strategy that is a must read for everybody.”
Scott DiGiammarino, CEO and Founder, Reel Potential and former Executive at American Express Financial Advisors
“Regardless of industry, all leaders can benefit from reading this book. While going through his Momentum Keys, I kept having ‘ah-ha!’ moments as to why I have witnessed so many organizational changes fail. Steven provides practical and applicable tools to maintain momentum during a change, as well as clear examples to demonstrate his points. I highly recommend this book and can confidently say it has improved the way I will manage change moving forward.”
Max Schindler, TV Director/Producer and Media Consultant, Broadcast Management Group
“Regardless of industry, all leaders can benefit from reading this book. While going through his Momentum Keys, I kept having ‘ah-ha!’ moments as to why I have witnessed so many organizational changes fail. Steven provides practical and applicable tools to maintain momentum during a change, as well as clear examples to demonstrate his points. I highly recommend this book and can confidently say it has improved the way I will manage change moving forward.”
Max Schindler, TV Director/Producer and Media Consultant, Broadcast Management Group
“Too many times, we see common organizational themes of having ‘too many chefs in the kitchen,’ not letting ‘perfect be the enemy of good enough,’ or ‘diplomacy vs. naysayers’ just to name just a few. Seeing Steven Gaffney put structure and substance into addressing these organizational challenges was quite refreshing and necessary. The material in Be a Change Champion provides an easy-to-implement approach for tackling the acute challenges of effectuating change in an organization in an efficient and positive manner. This book is a great resource for anyone who either leads or participates in change in his or her organization.”
Zachary Gifford, Associate Director, Systemwide Risk Management, the California State University
“Once again, Steven gives us practical tools to use on a common and important challenge that faces all organizations. Leading change is the challenge of our time, as the pace and imperative of change makes this a critical skill for effective leaders in every enterprise.”
Jeff MacLauchlan, Vice President, Corporate Development, Lockheed Martin Corporation
“Steven Gaffney has worked with me both as a consultant and a mentor. The insights provided in his new book are as relevant, insightful, and useful as those he provided me when I was tackling the challenges of managing change in a multi-billion dollar organization. Steven’s pragmatic recommendations on maintaining the momentum required to successfully implement change, as well as the proactive steps one can take to combat organizational inertia ensure that I will always keep the book close at hand. This book provides a framework for implementing change, and in today’s world, there is no skill more valuable in business.”
Gene Colabatistto, President, Defense and Security, CAE
“I had the opportunity and privilege to work with Steven Gaffney in advising and supporting us in improving the engagement levels of our employees at Barrick Gold Corporation during a very difficult time for our industry and company, characterized by high levels of uncertainty and unexpected changes in the global context.Steven played an outstanding role by influencing and coaching our leaders to maintain momentum, continue delivering better than expected results, and preserve the morale and motivation of our employees even when difficult and unpopular decisions have been made and implemented. His unique ability to make the complex and unattainable task of managing people´s expectations and willingness to deliver easier and possible is one of his competitive advantages.In this new book, Steven provides an excellent and easy-to-implement toolkit of applicable concepts that makes it easier for leaders and anyone responsible for results to deal with exponential change which could be cumbersome to manage. ”

David Riano, HR Business Partner- Northern Latin America, SAP
“It is rare to be provided with a set of tools that facilitate open and honest communication, and in so doing, help you get the job done more effectively and expeditiously. Steven Gaffney provides just such a tool set-a powerful arsenal, really- that helps leaders, teams, and workforces blast through barriers to effective communication. The result is an approach to workforce communication that is less polluted with innuendo and supposition; thereby, allowing frank, but non-personal, dialogue about issues facing an organization. This is material you can put into practice immediately for tangible results!”
Marion Eggenberger, Department of Navy Customer Support Director
“Steve Gaffney brings such a fresh perspective to how to run your business, how to be an effective leader, and how to manage change. In my time working with him, it is apparent that he truly is a change champion. If he was being completely ‘honest,’ Steve would list himself as one of the top 10 factors to sustaining momentum during a period of change.”
Gary Rosen, Senior Vice President for Operations, Leidos
“Steven Gaffney’s Be a Change Champion is a must-do; not just a must-read. The principles and practices he presents add up to extremely useful strategies in keeping the momentum going toward a planned change. Most of us have great ideas and plans that get cut short or cut off by ourselves or our (company) people. Don’t let that happen, follow Be a Change Champion for a change!”
Neal Arita, Executive Director, Sheet Metal Contractors Association
“Once again in his newest book, Steven Gaffney’s straightforward and easy to understand messaging allows anyone – from top tier executives to those just starting their upward rise – to be successful and powerful. Be a Change Champion is a must-read for everyone. For the largest and smallest businesses, Gaffney’s message is clear: to be a change champion, use his 10 “Momentum Keys” and open the path to greater success!”
Avery Mann, former Head of Communications and Marketing for Fox TV’s America’s Most Wanted
“The vast majority of change initiatives either fail or don’t deliver the desired results. Steven has successfully tackled the difficult subject of change management by breaking the problem into 10 factors that will sustain momentum and avoid failure. Change management is one of the greatest challenges in business, and Steven has provided an excellent toolbox that will push your next change initiative to success!”
Chet Claudon, President and General Manager, COBHAM Tactical Communications & Surveillance
“I recently reached out to Steven for advice related to an organizational change issue because I didn’t want my company to fall into the age-old traps related to change. One of the many things I’ve learned from him is that change is constant and must be dealt with timely and effectively to ensure future success. Not only do his strategies from Be a Change Champion work for keeping momentum going, but his energy and passion are inspiring and bleed into everyone around him. I know the book will be extremely helpful to anyone involved in a major organizational change, myself included.”
Debbie Thurman, Vice President of Contracts and Procurement, URS
“Steven delivered amazing results for our company that far exceeded our expectations. He is a dynamic speaker who is entertaining, impactful, and provides meaningful and results-oriented material that we continue to use every day. Steven opened our eyes on honest communication, and as a result, has helped us to articulate and solidify our corporate culture.”
Greg and Lynn, Kiyan, Owners, Air Central Inc.
“Steven Gaffney is the first to create an insightful roadmap on how to successfully navigate through the change process and keep momentum going in an organization. Be a Change Champion is a profound and useful book on making and sustaining change in order to propel your organization into the future.”
Tina Kuhn, Senior Vice President, Sotera Defense Solutions, Inc
“Steven Gaffney has written an excellent book for any company going through organizational change. Steven’s 10 Momentum Keys are an easy-to-follow roadmap to greatly improve any organizational change initiative.”
Paul Falkler, Corporate Vice President for National Intelligence, Vistronix
“Organizational change is critical to success in business, yet is one of the most complex problems I have ever faced. Steven delivers straightforward tools that any leader will benefit from reading in a format that can be used immediately to improve an organization’s success with change. Be a Change Champion brings a fresh perspective to how teams can break down the barriers to change.”
Peder Jungck, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Intelligence & Security, BAE Systems
“Steven Gaffney’s newest book on America’s ‘change fatigue’ in organizations will make your company dramatically more effective. The book inspires you with new processes to create and establish agile patterns for team decisions, as well as robust new ideas for execution and best possible results for shareholder growth.”
Dave Lahey, President & CEO, Predictive Success Corporation
“Steven’s lectures, workshops, and books have changed the way we think, operate and most importantly, the way we treat each other. Steven has positively changed our culture.”
Brigadier General Frank Kelley, Former Commander, Marine Corps Systems Command
“Steven has captured the essence of how to ensure change initiatives will succeed. Building on the foundations established in Just Be Honest, the tools Steven provides are practical, effective, and can be easily implemented by anyone responsible for executing change initiatives.”
Chris Reil, Vice President, Sensor Electronics, COBHAM
“Before I read Be a Change Champion, I will admit that I didn’t see the hardcore business case for what Steven Gaffney did for companies and how different he was from other consulting firms. After reading this book, however, I realized why he gets the results that he does. I had to sit back and really think about how profound his strategies and tactics were for my business and my clients. Any team that has ever decided to do something significant, something great, has to first figure out what Steven has already mastered. This book will flatten any team’s learning curve on how to gain and maintain momentum. It breaks down the keys to why momentum is fleeting and how to avoid the loss. It shows you how the energy of change is maintained and how to get things done with velocity. This book is packed with strategies you can use to break down the barriers to cooperation that plague most companies. If you don’t have Steven’s principles as your organizational priority, your only option is to put your head down and power through the pain. But, you can put this no-frills powerful book to work for you immediately. He shows you how to free yourself and your team from those long-standing limiting beliefs and habits. If you have a team that builds mental roadblocks to getting things done or loses momentum before you reach your goals, this book is for you. It won’t take you long to see what I saw. Dysfunction does have a cure… Thank you, Steven.”
Zemira Z. Jones, Management Consultant and former President of ABC Radio
“Steven Gaffney has a unique talent in being able to tie some of his easy-to-implement, foundational premises into the solution to a more challenging problem. In Be a Change Champion, he blends his legendary honest and direct communication techniques with new material on mastering change and momentum. This book excels because it is written using real-life examples. His advice is not merely conjecture, but based on real world situations that have impacted many leaders out there. Keep this book as a reference as you embark upon change in your organization, and I suspect that you will be pleasantly surprised at the outcomes.”
Paul Gentile, Senior Vice President and Cyber Solutions General Manager, ManTech International Corporation