Just Be Honest

Authentic Communication Strategies that Get Results and Last a Lifetime

100-page hardcover book by Steven Gaffney

Is honesty really the best policy?

In author Steven Gaffney’s book “Just Be Honest: Authentic Communication Strategies that Get Results and Last a Lifetime,” readers discover that honesty is still not only the best policy; it’s the easiest and most effective way to communicate. You’ll also learn how to be honest with others and how to get them to be honest with you.

This book also reveals how you can use honesty as a tool to get immediate and dramatic results with anyone, regardless of their background, needs, personality, or personal agenda. Steven Gaffney also outlines how you can eliminate communication breakdowns and personality conflicts, prevent problems before they occur, and get the bottom-line results you desire–quickly and painlessly. You’ll also discover why the two most commonly used “communication strategies” never work and what you should be doing instead.

Just Be Honest” is packed with profound, yet easy-to-implement strategies and expert insight guaranteed to help you start communicating more effectively immediately.

When you read this book you will discover how to:

  • Say what you really mean without offense or compromise
  • Reduce time wasted in rambling conversations and meaningless meetings
  • Alleviate stress caused by personality conflicts and unresolved issues
  • Create an environment that supports and encourages honesty
  • Get the hidden information you need to effectively do your job
  • Have people deliver what they promise on time and on budget
  • Give and receive feedback without offending
  • Breath life into seemingly “dead” relationships

No matter how time-impoverished, overworked, understaffed or under-resourced you and the people around you may be, the strategies revealed in this book will enable you to positively influence every dimension of your personal and professional life.

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Just Be Honest