About Steven Gaffney

Steven Gaffney has been trusted for over 20 years by Executives and Top Leaders

I believe you can create a high achieving organization with extreme speed without forcing anyone through a complex, lengthy ordeal. The processes I use are highly effective, and work every time.

Imagine this for your organization:

Teams are engaged, focused, and getting the top priorities done
Everyone knows what’s going on – including you
People consistently act on and achieve the most important goals
Existing customers want to give you more business and refer you to people they know
If this sounds too good to be true, it’s not.

This can happen inside of your organization when you follow a step-by-step process that doesn’t require endless hours of your valuable time.

I learned several processes through personal experiences and now successfully apply them within countless organizations and repeatedly see that these processes work rapidly for them, too.

Here’s the Backstory

I grew up as a scrawny, nerdy kid that didn’t have a lot of friends. I didn’t connect well with people and was frequently bullied throughout my younger life. I had learning disabilities due to hearing and sight problems that were later corrected, and received help from Easter Seals in order to catch up to the other children.

I credit my parents with teaching me how to problem solve so I wasn’t left behind.

My engineering father would break down a problem into complex steps, and my brilliant mother would patiently take those steps and simplify them for me.

From those experiences, I learned that step-by-step solutions can be used repeatedly, always produce the same result, and can be taught to others.

I clearly remember a time when I chose to use that engineering approach to solve human relations problems.

Shortly after I pledged a fraternity at James Madison University in Virginia, I found out that I’d gotten in because they felt sorry for me, not because they liked me. I was stunned. When you’re eighteen years old and new to college, you want to be liked more than anything else.

After I licked my wounds, the engineering side of my brain kicked into gear. I asked myself, “Steven, how do you become popular?” After giving it some thought, I observed certain qualities in all popular kids. From there, I designed the steps to help me cultivate each of these qualities. By the time I was a junior, things had improved: I had become my fraternity’s president.

This experience taught me:

Our behavior is malleable.
When we change the way we interact with people, we get better results.
These facts aren’t just applicable to solving math problems and becoming popular in school. They’re also highly relevant to business—from high-stakes situations to the day-to-day operations of successful organizations.
The processes and steps that I bring to an organization are the keys to high achievement with extreme speed.

It’s why I do what I do today – and have done so for over 25 years with a diverse group of clientele such as Lockheed Martin, Defense Logistics Agency, and Marriott.

The processes that I bring to organizations have allowed me to:

Overcome cancer

Be featured by the media repeatedly

Generate rapid results with some of the biggest companies in the world

Would you like to create a high achieving organization with extreme speed?