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Nearly 80% of organizational problems can be traced back to lack of open, honest communication. You can’t fix a problem you don’t know about, and you can’t move on an idea that no one tells you about. The key is to get the unsaid, said.

No one knows this better than keynote speaker, Steven Gaffney. As the leading expert on honest communication, he has helped thousands of people understand the costs of withholding information both at work and at home.

Over 20 years of lasting impact

For more than two decades, the Steven Gaffney Company has been sought out for speeches, seminars, consulting services, and coaching programs. Steven helps organizations develop a focused communication plan, improve crisis communications, and clean up communication flow and coordination across organizations.

#1 nationally-trusted experts on open, honest communication

Top executives from Fortune 500 companies, the United States military, federal government agencies, and national associations have come to us to build a culture of honesty and trust, increase organizational alignment, lead through times of change, and improve teamwork across their organizations.

All of our highly skilled and experienced associates are trained and certified in the Steven Gaffney Company strategies to provide a unified approach, as opposed to a disjointed effort that sometimes comes from hiring various associates from different companies. Our associates have deep knowledge of our proprietary strategies and are authorized to teach, train, reference, and use the tools.

Over 20 Years of Experience Providing Unmatched Results for Top Executives and Government Officials

About Our Founder: Steven Gaffney

Steven Gaffney is the global authority on teaching organizations to tell the truth and communicate more effectively. As the leading expert in honest communication, Steven provides strategies for team building, organizational alignment and leading through change; and he helps organizations create a culture of honest communication because it is a better business strategy.

Steven’s inability to speak as a child forced him to learn the importance of effective communication at a very early age. By age three, he mumbled only a few words, and a doctor advised his mother that he should be placed in special classes for mentally handicapped children. Steven’s mother did not accept this diagnosis, and doctors eventually discovered that his inability to speak was caused by hearing impairments (brought on by multiple ear infections). The problem was corrected and no one has been able to silence him since!

Steven is now a Certified Speaking ProfessionalTM and esteemed member of the Million Dollar Speaking Group of the National Speakers Association. He has been a regular contributor to some of the most respected national television, radio, and print media outlets; and he is the author of several publications: “Just Be Honest”, “Honesty Works!”, “Honesty Sells”, “Guide to Increasing Communication Flow Up, Down, and Across Your Organization”, “21 Rules for Delivering Difficult Messages”, and “The Fish isn’t Sick…The Water is Dirty”. His latest book, “Be a Change Champion”, is the only one of its kind, dedicated to leading and maintaining successful change.

People across the globe credit Steven’s seminars, books, TV and radio appearances with making positive changes within their organizations. These effects are both immediate and lasting for both their business and personal success, and this the reason why leaders of top organizations say, “Get me Gaffney!”