Organizational Alignment and Collaboration

Are your employees telling you what you want to hear, but not what you NEED to know? Get everybody on the same page, and solidify alignment with ‘conflict collaboration.’TM
Alignment and Collaboration

Whether you are going through a reorganization or simply formulating new strategies, gaining buy-in from your employees is crucial to collaboration. Employees who are not on the same page fear being viewed as impolite or creating conflict for speaking up. These employees are a detriment to any organization, as they become “yes men,” who echo agreement, instead of discussing important issues or ideas.

Oftentimes the efforts of an organization are unintentionally sabotaged from within, simply from what is not being said.

Fear, negativity, and unresolved conflict cause missed opportunities and obstruct innovation. Worst of all, these things keep employees from discussing difficult issues, which leaves YOU in the dark.

Steven Gaffney provides the tools needed to quickly create a safe environment, which:

  • Encourages employees to challenge each other and avoid organizational blind spots (‘conflict collaboration.’)TM
  • Provides the skills to influence, with or without authority.
  • Creates a proactive, mosaic workforce, where people think and act as part of the big picture, with the company first and their position second.
  • Breaks down the echo chambers of “yes men,” as well as thermal layers and walls that block communication flow up, down, and across your organization.

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