Case Study

BAE Systems Company


BAE Systems is a British multinational defense and aerospace company with operations worldwide. The BAE Systems team sought to improve internal communication between executive staff and engaged the Steven Gaffney Company to develop strategies that could overcome these issues and help their organization be more efficient.


Our team made an assessment of the challenges the BAE Systems team was facing and where there were opportunities to improve communication. Through our consulting efforts we helped their team identify strategies to enhance collaboration and prioritize decision making.

The result was a reduction in negotiation time from 5 weeks to less than one day — a 75% time reduction.

BAE Systems

75% improvement in decision making

“Steven Gaffney has sped up our decision-making time by 5x and relieved my teams’ anxiety and stress levels with his down-to-earth and easy-to-leverage approaches. Our negotiation time has reduced by more than 75% and it no longer takes 5 weeks to make one a decision – it takes less than a day.”

Peder Jungck
Vice President / General Manager
Intelligence Solutions