The Number #1 Problem In Customer Service

Most advice about customer service is all about what to say and how to say it. But the number one problem in customer service today isn’t what people are saying — it’s what’s not getting said. This comes down to a lack of honest communication on the part of both...

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Making Conflict Advantageous In Sales

Every sales leader wants a team that adapts quickly to change, with dynamic collaboration and consistent top performance. But most sales teams are held back by one surprisingly simple factor: they avoid conflict instead of using it to their advantage. If sales teams...

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Leading and Operating in Ambiguity

Ambiguity. We have all confronted it at some point in our careers. Matrix organizations, multiple bosses, dotted- and solid-line reporting, internal and external customers, budget cuts, and economic issues are all factors that contribute to an ambiguous work environment. In fact, many of my executive clients cite ambiguity as a top source of frustration, challenges, and wasted time and money. Surprisingly enough, it does not have to be.

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