Organizational change makes or breaks leaders

Lead with the power to overcome resistance and maintain the momentum of successful change.
successful change

Everybody knows that most people are resistant to change. Resistance and negativity create communication barriers that disrupt momentum. In fact, 70% of organizational changes fail. The number one reason for that failure is lack of open, honest communication. Honest communication is key to monitoring and leading through change, because no matter how well you plan for it, you cannot predict all outcomes.

What you can predict about change is the need to make adjustments along the way. As military, leaders say, “no plan survives first contact with the enemy.” So how do you overcome resistance and maintain momentum? You need your employees to proactively provide feedback and be willing to adjust as changes occur.

Steven Gaffney’s strategies for change leadership will teach you how to:

  • Overcome resistance and turn non-believers into believers.
  • Launch at good enough (2 Hour and 18 Minute Process).
  • Lead through difficult changes and uncertainty.
  • Inspire excellence and motivate today’s workforce.


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