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Steven has 5x’d our decision-making time and relieved my teams’ anxiety and stress levels with his down-to-earth and easy-to-leverage approach. … Our negotiation time has reduced by more than 75%.

This kind of return on investment has saved me MILLIONS of dollars – and, most importantly, we get MORE TIME to make MORE decisions. That’s why I keep coming back to Steven.

This is a low-cost investment if you’ve got multi-million-dollar challenges.

Pedar Jungck
Vice President
BAE Systems
You could be bigger and better. In a rapidly growing business, having grown by 9% every year for nine years, we had to scale to support it. Steven helped our senior team develop as leaders in today’s modern, rapidly changing business world. At the end of the day, we were sacrificing time. Meetings dominated the workday. Steven exposed the problem’s root cause and we implemented his work in one fiscal quarter: effective communication. Now, meetings are routinely 30 minutes in length. With more time and team efficiency, we have more than tripled our proposal output – from 1.2 billion to 4.5 billion dollars a year, and with 10% less people than we started. We conduct more transactions more quickly, efficiently and with more confidence and authority – while doubling the output and the amount of new business we capture.
Gene C.
The processes and steps that I bring to an organization are the keys to high achievement with extreme speed.
Steven came to me highly recommended from other areas in my organization when I first took over a failing business unit. I had great people on my leadership team, but they needed cohesion and alignment and were all pulling in different directions. From his very first session with us, Steven walked into a room of people glaring at him and won them over. We noticed immediate results- within 10 days, the hostility was removed from their relationships and some of the most difficult players were speaking to each other using Steven’s terms. People understood the value of this extremely fast, and the work took hold in the organization.
Larry Cox
EMM Technology
Steven’s first workshop with us was fantastic, relevant, engaging, personal, and the participation level was excellent! By the end of the day, practically the entire group was energized and confident that they had a new skill they could implement immediately. I was so surprised by how impactful it was for being just one day! The best part of working with Steven was how invested he was in my company’s success. To him, it was not just a business deal but a passion to help us. He invited any of the leaders to call him for advice and I took him up on the offer many times. I have really used him as a sounding board and find our conversations truly valuable.
Rob Krcmarov
SVP of Global Exploration
Barrick Gold Corporation
Steven has truly taken the time to understand our company and has tailored his knowledge and support to actually fit our specific needs and direction. We have been through several changes and re-organizations and, universally, his sessions have contributed positively to our growth. As a result of his sessions, I’ve clearly seen improved interactions between individual employees. He really has the ability to bring out insights and instill focus on whatever ongoing issues our teams are facing, as well as any new opportunities that will help the business to succeed. Steven has been our go-to speaker and trainer; we’ve continued to use him over anyone else because we like the results he produces.
John Thomas
Executive Vice President and Chief Strategic Officer

Attendees found the guidance on honest communication extremely valuable and immediately applicable to their work lives – and beyond. They loved Steven’s energy level and enthusiastic delivery. And they greatly enjoyed the brief exercises during which they got to practice the techniques Steven described. Thank you so much, Steven. Your engaging presentation was a great way to kick off our new year!

Ilene G. Reid
Executive Director
ACC National Capital Region
Compared to other speakers and trainers I have used in the past, Steven is not only much better overall, but his material is practical, easy to use, understandable and backed up with experiences and credibility. So many other consultants are stuck and set in their ways, but Steven worked with me to come up with custom solutions to my organization’s needs and did not just apply a general cookie cutter method
Jim Muehring
HR Practice Leader
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Steven’s high energy and delivery style enables him to engage easily with his audience. He makes a positive and lasting impact!
Katherine Kerchner
Vice President, Finance & Business Operations
Lockheed Martin
As a leader of over 2,200 employees in 50 locations worldwide, the results of The Steven Gaffney Company and their training has been some of the best work we’ve ever hired anyone to do! It has helped our team come together and work more effectively as a whole. Our employees are much more integrated than they were in the past, and are now able to overcome a lot of internal issues on their own.
Chuck Zang
Business Unit General Manager
I’ve attended countless seminars and training sessions in my 20 years in the corporate world and Steven’s seminar was by far, the most valuable seminar I’ve ever attended! Not only were we able to immediately walk away from the session applying what we have learned, but we continue to live by his techniques every day. After Steven’s session, productivity in our department has increased tremendously. My employees save countless hours by talking to each other instead of talking about each other. The results have been truly amazing!
Sheril Ray

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