Executive Trusted Advisor

Executive Trusted Advisory Program
Steven Gaffney has been an advisor to some of the top CEO’s, association executives, government officials, generals and admirals for years. He has worked across many market segments and developed the best cross-discipline practices to impact the bottom line. He provides innovative and proven solutions in the areas of honest communication, workplace culture, teambuilding, organizational alignment, and leading through change.

In this program, Steven Gaffney will act as a confidential Trusted Advisor to you and your direct reports. He is available for both tactical and strategic feedback, insights, ideas, and advice on any issue or problem you may have .

Trusted advisory services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Providing insights prior to or after meetings
  • Discussing ideas, initiatives, and issues and their impact on workplace culture
  • Strategizing how to deliver difficult messages and resolve conflict
  • Developing success metrics to improve accountability
  • Maintaining trust within your team and organization
  • Providing innovative ideas and best practices from other industries and market segments
  • Providing advice on how to optimize internal communication, leadership, teamwork, and change management

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