High Performance Executive Coaching and Advising

Steven’s expertise in honest communication and experience coaching top executives across many international organizations is unmatched. He provides innovative strategies to boost cost savings and profitability.
High Performance Executive Coaching and Advising Program
This program includes unlimited leadership coaching and consulting directly with Steven. He will work with you one-on-one to provide guidance in the areas of honest communication, workplace culture, team building, organizational alignment and leading through change. In addition, he will help you identify your challenges and create/implement a strategy to achieve meaningful, long lasting results.
Also included in the program is the 360 Actionable Feedback Assessment. The assessment is the first step in discovering hidden obstacles and formulating successful strategies. You may select up to 10 people to receive an in-depth, confidential phone interview about yourself. An analysis and summary report is provided with general themes and findings, along with specific actionable items for you (respecting the confidentiality of the interviewees).

Program also includes:
• Unlimited one-on-one sessions via telephone 24/7 or web-conference
• Unlimited email and text support
• Proactive coaching with regularly scheduled phone sessions
• One onsite in-person meeting with Steven Gaffney in the Washington DC metro area with the participating leader (up to a half day). Steven may shadow and observe the leader in action with their team and give feedback and guidance needed for improvement. This visit is scheduled at the leader’s leisure depending upon goals and objectives.
• One set of books, articles, materials and other products from Steven Gaffney to reinforce accountability and assist in meeting objectives

Leverage your natural strengths as a leader: confront challenges head on, achieve professional goals, improve your communication skills, and map out your path to business success by:

  • Resolving any issue with any individual
  • Improving professional relationships
  • Not being surprised and blindsided by hidden issues
  • Inspiring excellence among employees
  • Retaining top talent and reducing turnover
  • Gaining buy-in to make difficult decisions quickly
  • Resolving resistance and obstacles to the success of key initiatives
  • Uncovering new revenue streams (or cost savers) and opportunities
  • Leading through change and uncertainty
  • Increasing the organization’s focus on customer relations to boost results
  • Creating an environment where people self-manage to save time and better utilize resources
  • Developing a clear vision and strategy that is understood and well-executed
  • Better leveraging the ideas, skills, and talent of the workforce across the organization
  • Increasing communication flow up, down, and across the organization
  • Discovering and fixing hidden problems in your organization that could eventually become large and costly

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