High Performing Culture That is Fact Based

No leader wants to be blindsided - sustain and advance an honest, fact-based culture that prevents costly surprises.
High Performing Culture that is Fact-Based

Establishing and maintaining a culture built on honest communication is the first and most important step to solving organizational problems that could potentially cripple your business. Attitude and perspective is paramount to the success of any organization. Steven Gaffney teaches how to recognize the signs and implement strategies of healthy organizations, teams and relationships.

By fostering a safe environment that drives open, honest communication and encourages optimistic debate, you can mine wealth out of positive conflict. As a bonus, you will prevent the hidden problems from escalating into organizational train wrecks.

With Steven’s expertise on honest communication culture, you will be able to:

  • Provide the mindset, skill set, and sustainment of honest communication that mines for ‘conflict wealth.’TM
  • Reward the 4 levels of honest communication.
  • Establish preventive action so that costly, corrective action is not needed.

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