Steven Gaffney: Keynote Speaker and Communication Expert

Turning Meeting Planners Into “Heroes”… One Event at a Time

Steven Gaffney knows how difficult a meeting planner’s job is, and he understands that the success of an event depends upon the meeting planner finding the best speaker to deliver the right message to their audience. It’s a tough business to be successful in, but Steven has earned the respect and heartfelt thanks of professional meeting planners everywhere with his consistent professionalism and dynamic, information-packed programs.

Steven’s programs are insightful, entertaining, and motivating

Meeting planners know they can depend on Steven to always deliver “the goods” — he is consistently ranked highly by audience surveys. His presentations are often standing room only because they communicate important messages with easy-to-implement take-aways audiences are eager to try out afterwards.

His delivery is fast-paced and informative

Each of Steven’s programs is packed with critical information backed by first-hand experience to help your audience discover new and better ways to communicate honestly in their personal and private lives.

Steven's most requested topics include:

The Power of Conflict Wealth

Embrace and Channel Conflict to Successfully Grow Your Teams, Relationships, and Organizations

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The Fish Isn’t Sick...the Water is Dirty

How to Keep Communication ‘Waters’ Clean to Increase Collaboration, Boost Teamwork, and Build Remarkable Relationships

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Inspiring Excellence

Leading and motivating today’s workforce

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Achieving Beyond Limits

Honest motivation and excelling strategies of star performers

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Honesty Sells

How to be a better salesperson and increase profits

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Reboot and Revolutionize!

Facilitated team building for key leaders

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Getting to the Honest Truth

The most important communication strategy to boost teamwork, increase trust, build remarkable relationships, and get things done

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Notice vs. Imagine

Getting the unsaid said is the key to innovation, collaboration, and growth.

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Leading Through Change and Uncertainty

Top leadership strategies to deal with an uncertain, complex, fast-paced working environment

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Be a Change Champion

Master momentum: how to sustain the boom and avoid the bust of change

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2 Hour and 18 Minute Strategy

Increase the overall effectiveness of your organization in 2 hours and 18 minutes

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Influencing With or Without Authority

Honest persuasion strategies that make things happen—internally and externally

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Cross-Generational Communication

How to connect, communicate, and collaborate with anyone.

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