Not All Assumptions are Bad

Part 3 of “The Truth About Lies” series. Steven Gaffney shares tips to transform your organization and take it to the next level by helping leaders lead through change, avoid being blind-sided by issues, improve teamwork collaboration, build better relationships internally and externally, inspire people to have more open communication and get things done.

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3 thoughts on “Not All Assumptions are Bad

  1. Many years I attended a Steven Gaffney seminar called “The fish isn’t sick, the water’s dirty” which boils down to -they didn’t do it to you – you allowed it to happen. I have never forgotten those words of wisdom. The mini seminars you send via e-mail are greatly appreciated – thank you very much!

    1. Sorry – it was a clumsy way of disagreeing with Mr. Gaffney. I have always found if you assume, it makes an “A__” of “u” and “me”; therefore my comment “you allowed it to happen”. If you’re not sure ask – misunderstanding usually results in ill-feelings and loss of production.

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