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Honest communication is vital to the health of your business. Did you know that 80% of all organizational problems can be traced to the lack of open, honest communication? The key to rapid resolution of communication, teamwork and change issues is to get the unsaid said. Members of The Steven Gaffney Solution get access to Steven Gaffney’s strategies, methods and learnings to use open, honest communication to increase teamwork, speed and profits.

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Benefit from Steven Gaffney’s 20+ years of helping leaders transform their organizations with access to articles, books, videos and podcasts to help you and your organization nurture open, honest communication and resolve issues. Find targeted content to improve teamwork, leadership, collaboration, motivation, and manage successful change.

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Steven Gaffney is the global authority on honest, interpersonal communication. For two decades, the Steven Gaffney Company has helped thousands of business professionals transform their personal and professional lives, boost organizational performance, and manage change to drive profitability and effectiveness. Steven Gaffney’s honest communication strategies work for all types of organizations. Top executives from Fortune 500 companies, the federal government, the US military and national associations seek us out to build a culture of honesty and trust, promote teamwork and resolve issues.

Maybe you have worked with Steven Gaffney and experienced first-hand the value of transforming the way your organization communicates. Maybe you or others in your organization are new to the possibilities that open, honest communication delivers. No matter. The Steven Gaffney Solution is designed to satisfy your specific needs and those of your organization.

Over 20 Years of Experience Providing Unmatched Results for Top Executives and Government Officials


How is this relevant for you?

The Gaffney Solution is an on-demand training library that provides the keys to increased teamwork, speed and profits.

Wealth of Information

Access to over 230 of Steven Gaffney’s articles, books, videos and podcasts.

Learn as You Like

Watch, listen, read – Steven Gaffney’s principles and strategies for honest communication are available in videos, podcasts, books and articles.

We Guide You

Content is organized and targeted to answer your questions and provide you with ready access to the information you need in 5 key areas to drive success – teamwork, leadership, collaboration, motivation and managing successful change.

Designed to Work for Everyone

The range and depth of information available makes the training library valuable as an entree for those new to Steven Gaffney’s transformative strategies, as well as those who have worked closely with Steven and are looking to refresh or gain insights.

Great Value

Benefit from Steven Gaffney’s insights, gained from helping thousands of business professionals transform their businesses with honest communication – all at a nominal cost.

New Content

New and updated content capturing Steven’s latest insights and strategies is added regularly.

Individual Membership


Better communication, greater teamwork, increased profits, successful change. Are these important to you and your business? Individual Plan membership in the Steven Gaffney Solution provides you with one year access to all the content on the membership site. Quickly find strategies and solutions to resolve issues and drive performance in leadership, teamwork, collaboration, motivation and change. We know everyone has their preferences so we offer content you can read, watch or listen to. Steven Gaffney’s transformative concepts and wisdom at your fingertips for only $97 for 12 months.

Enterprise Membership

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Are you a leader looking to build high performing teams or drive successful change? Do you want others in your organization to realize the transformative success that comes from open, honest communication?

The Enterprise Membership is designed for leaders who want to provide the benefits of an Individual Membership to others in their organization. Enterprise membership allows you to share the Gaffney Solution resources with your team, colleagues and others who drive your business. Access articles, books, videos and podcasts– resources are categorized to guide you to those that provide the best solution for your situation.

Who should sign up for The Gaffney Solution?

Anyone interested in improving communication channels in their organizations to increase innovation, speed, teamwork and profits. The Steven Gaffney Solution is designed to further the effectiveness and reinforce the gains made by individuals and organizations who have worked directly with Steven Gaffney, and provide the strategies and benefits of open, honest communication to those new to Steven Gaffney’s concepts and approach.

Can I use my tablet or mobile device to access the site?

Yes, all content on the Steven Gaffney Solution membership site is available on tablet and mobile devices.

Can Steven Gaffney create training tailored to my specific needs?

The Steven Gaffney Solution is organized so that all members can readily access targeted strategies, solutions and learnings to address needs around leadership, change, teamwork, collaboration and motivation. Content in different formats provides you with the flexibility to customize how you use Steven Gaffney’s strategies and principles wth your colleagues. For questions about your specific training needs, please contact us.

Will you be adding content? Will I automatically have access to the new content?

Yes and yes. Steven Gaffney uses the insights he gains from working with top executives every day to continually develop strategies to improve leadership, interpersonal skills and conflict management. The Gaffney Solution will share these insights and strategies with you through access to all new content created by Steven Gaffney.

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