The Fish Isn’t Sick… The Water is Dirty – 5 CD album with Workbook


This 5 audio CD album with workbook teaches how to honestly and openly resolve issues, both professionally and personally, and how to communicate effectively — no matter how difficult.

In this acclaimed seminar, recorded live, Steven Gaffney teaches strategies on how to:

  • Stop others from withholding information and just be honest with you o Have tough conversations and repair broken relationships
  • Say the most difficult things you always wanted to say, but did not know how
  • Resolve all the complaining and negativity that people throw at you on a daily basis
  • Get others to make and keep their commitments
  • Effectively deliver bad news
  • Increase teamwork and collaboration with anyone

The time-tested strategies taught in “The Fish Isn’t Sick…The Water is Dirty” audio seminar will work, no matter how time-impoverished, overworked, or under-resourced you and the people around you may be.