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Most Popular: Reboot, Engage, and Accelerate
When you “reboot”, it’s like hitting the reset button. It’s an opportunity for leadership groups to retune priorities with the ultimate goal of becoming a seamless, high-achieving team.

When your teams reboot, they discover how to:

Move from working in silos to working seamlessly together
Quickly make key decisions without constant re-litigation
Utilize all the strengths and resources of the organization
Increased coordination, collaboration, and true teamwork within your organization
Discover the top essentials of a Consistently High Achieving Team (CHAT™)
Whether your team is new or old, Reboot, Engage, and Accelerate will re-focus and re-align your group for a fresh start.
Consistently High Achieving Team (CHAT™)
Turn any group into a high achieving team with extreme speed.
Many teams in the workplace are really “committees” because a true team wins and fights challenges together. A committee wins or loses separately.

Even world-class executive teams must regularly re-establish trust, build better relationships, improve communication, and re-align to contribute more powerfully to the organization’s bottom line.

In fact, all teams, old and new, must occasionally take stock to uncover and resolve existing problems in order to achieve peak performance, even the healthiest, most efficient corporate teams.

Steven Gaffney’s popular program is designed to dramatically improve the specific group dynamics of any team to achieve peak performance.

Key takeaways from this powerful process include how to:

Eliminate harmful silos and work together as a true team
Develop a healthy pattern of debate in team meetings
Identify and resolve problems holding the team back from their full potential
Create full team buy-in and accountability
Make critical decisions as a team, without the need to re-litigate
Increase the speed of analysis, communication, and decision-making within the team
Address small issues in the group before they become major problems
Eliminate leadership blind spots that result when participants don’t challenge one another
Implement the 10 ground rules of a consistently high-performing leadership team
No matter how long your team has been together, we will re-focus and re-align the group for a fresh start and make any group into a Consistently High Achieving Team.
Honest Communication and Resolve Issues with Anyone
9 Steps Formula that Always Works
According to research, 80% of workplace problems are due to the lack of open honest conversations. Because the biggest problem is not what people say, it is what they don’t say. So getting the unsaid said and resolving the challenges in a timely and quick matter is critical to the organization’s consistent success.

Learn a 9 step formula to resolve any issue with anyone and be able to:

Convey crystal-clear messages to prevent misunderstandings
Avoid repetitive, non-productive, ineffective conversations
Address and resolve small issues before they become much larger problems
“Get the unsaid said” and have honest, effective conversations on a daily basis—with anyone
Share difficult messages and issues so they are resolved
Prevent Misunderstandings and Assumptions
Gaffney teaches his legendary application of the “Notice vs. Imagine” technique. Based on more than a decade of research, the failure to distinguish what is “noticed” (the facts of the situation) from what is “imagined” (opinions, thoughts, evaluations, and conclusions) is often one of the most harmful things for an organization’s bottom line.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Improve Relationships, Build Trust, and Make Work and Life Easier
You will be challenged to:
open up and engage in discussions and exercises in order to better your personal and workplace environments
distinguish between the facts and your opinions so you act only on the truths of a situation rather than your perceptions
When you act on facts and get the unsaid said, relationships improve, trust is reinforced, and the bottom line is positively impacted.

Discover how to have honest communication and resolve issues with anyone.

Leading Through Change, Disruption, and Great Uncertainty
Research shows that as much as 70% of changes attempted within an organization fail to achieve their objectives.

What can be done to reverse this?

There are four essential keys to successfully lead through any change within an organization, no matter how unpredictable or uncertain the environment.

When you learn these four essential keys, you’ll:

Understand why people naturally resist change and how to overcome it
Learn how to connect with others as a leader and have the most impact when executing change
Lead powerfully, especially with limited resources, time, and information
Create a proactive environment where people willingly take ownership
Manage teams efficiently and effectively to achieve great performance and produce consistent results
Develop new ways to increase team collaboration, boost morale, enhance productivity and inspire accountability, even during stressful times
Help your leaders see their teams successfully through organizational changes.
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Whether delivered virtually or in person, all topics are available as a keynote or seminar:
Getting to the Honest Truth
Be a Change Champion
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Inspiring Excellence
Influencing With or Without Authority
2 Hour and 18 Minute Strategy
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