Steven Gaffney captures audience attention by delivering powerful concepts that transform both personal and professional life.

The Steven Gaffney Company is the leading expert on honest, interpersonal communication, team performance, collaboration, and managing change to increase revenue and drive profit. Through our sessions, books, products, media appearances, and coaching, we have been able to make an immediate and lasting change in organizations and people’s personal lives for the past two decades. Thousands of business professionals credit Steven with helping them make a positive difference in their lives and careers.

Steven's most requested topics include:

Notice vs. Imagine

Getting the unsaid said is the key to innovation, collaboration, and growth.

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Reboot and Revolutionize!

Facilitated team building for key leaders

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Getting to the Honest Truth

The most important communication strategy to boost teamwork, increase trust, build remarkable relationships, and get things done

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Leading Through Change and Uncertainty

Top leadership strategies to deal with an uncertain, complex, fast-paced working environment

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Be a Change Champion

Master momentum: how to sustain the boom and avoid the bust of change

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Honesty Sells

How to be a better salesperson and increase profits

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The Power of Conflict Wealth

Embrace and Channel Conflict to Successfully Grow Your Teams, Relationships, and Organizations

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The Fish Isn’t Sick...the Water is Dirty

How to Keep Communication ‘Waters’ Clean to Increase Collaboration, Boost Teamwork, and Build Remarkable Relationships

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Inspiring Excellence

Leading and motivating today’s workforce

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Achieving Beyond Limits

Honest motivation and excelling strategies of star performers

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Influencing With or Without Authority

Honest persuasion strategies that make things happen—internally and externally

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Cross-Generational Communication

How to connect, communicate, and collaborate with anyone.

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2 Hour and 18 Minute Strategy

Increase the overall effectiveness of your organization in 2 hours and 18 minutes

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Over 20 Years of Experience Providing Unmatched Results for Top Executives and Government Officials

Steven Gaffney’s honest communication strategies promote teamwork and resolve issues.

Problem: Problem: Failing to serve our customers and growing our business.
Solution: You must improve communication channels for peak efficiency and growth.

Through both seminars and keynotes, as well as his consulting and coaching programs, Steven Gaffney knows what it takes to get businesses and organizations to operate at peak efficiency. More important than personnel or equipment; open, honest communication is essential at every level of an organization.

Problem: Retaining top talent.
Solution: Employees, at the executive level and on the “front lines”, need to feel valued and a part of your company’s team.

When they don’t, they leave. Without open, honest communication running both ways in your organization, your turnover rate isn’t going to improve. Steven Gaffney knows what it takes to get all levels of a business communicating effectively and can guide you with strategies to retain top talent.

Problem: An environment that supports and encourages dishonest communication.
Solution: Honest communication creates a healthy environment that encourages interaction and supports business growth.

Dishonest, close-minded communication, including incomplete or purposefully misleading messages, cost companies millions of dollars every year. Lost opportunities and dissatisfied clients are the result. Steven Gaffney will show you how adopting systems of open, honest communication can transform your working environment. Stimulate business growth and build teams that consistently succeed by learning to communicate more effectively.

Problem: Resolving key interpersonal and organizational issues.
Solution: Stop wasting time, energy, and money on repetitive conversations and communication breakdowns.

Steven’s proven communication systems, including “The Honest Communication Results System,” “The Honest Presentations Systems,” “The Honest Achievement Results System,” and “The Honest Leadership Results System” have given organizations the tools to improve communication internally, boost teamwork and productivity.

Problem: Inability to create honest communication between your team and others.
Solution: If poor interpersonal communication, ineffective conflict management, and inconsistent teamwork are issues you face

Steven’s seminars, consulting, and coaching programs can help you show your team how to use open and honest communication—to say what really needs to be said, and to effectively deliver difficult information.

Problem: Getting projects completed in a timely and profitable manner.
Solution: Manage customer and employee expectations by having all of the critical information.

Poor project management usually stems from having only a portion of the information required. By not having all of the critical information, you cannot manage employee or customer expectations effectively. Problematic contracts and lost customers are the result. Transform your team and help prevent costly breakdowns in communication with Steven’s proven, practical strategies.

Train Key Individuals Within Your Organization on our Methodology.

train the trainer

Train the Trainer

Steven Gaffney and associates will help your organization build competent instructors who can then teach the Stephen Gaffney method to others within the organization. This is an effective way to ensure that all employees receive the same training in a timely manner and are excited about learning and applying it within the workforce.