2 Hour and 18 Minute Strategy

Increase the overall effectiveness of your organization in 2 hours and 18 minutes
In this day and age of limited resources, organizations need to move on ideas quicklly because often, whoever implements first will win. There is no longer time for seeking perfection on every idea or initiative before taking action. It is critical for organizations to streamline this process in order to improve their bottom line and maximize business growth.

Execute your plan

In this session participants will use our proprietary process to convert an organizational issue or idea into an executable plan in 2 hour and 18 minutes. During this working session, the group will develop a list of ideas to improve the organization then isolate the three most important ideas and develop a workable plan to implement them. They will then present, adjust, and execute those ideas, and will be held accountable for their results after the session.

Improve your teamwork

This session is a great tool to assess how people in a particular group interact with one another, as well as to observe each individual’s true leadership abilities. As the
participants work on a real project in live time, leaders can witness how their employees react to one another, as well as identify potential sources of delay in implementing new projects or ideas. In addition, all participants will learn how to apply overall interpersonal communication strategies to aid in resolving their organizational issues and problems.

Other session outcomes include:

  • Resolving lengthy meetings and discussions and preventing repetitive conversations
  • Managing resistance, passive aggressiveness, and other obstacles to implementation.
  • Teaching groups to value progress over perfection so projects are done efficiently
  • Introducing ideas and plans persuasively in a 20-minute presentation
  • Achieving unanimous group consensus without watering down great solutions
  • Guiding each individual to understand priorities so he or she can proactively get things done