Be a Change Champion

Master momentum: how to sustain the boom and avoid the bust of change
Be a Change Champion
Research has shown that the majority of changes attempted within an organization fail due to the execution of the change rather than the planning of it. There is simply a foundational gap in resources and knowledge about how to generate and maintain the momentum surrounding a new initiative.

Discover how to adapt, motivate, and empower

The rate of change in today’s business climate is increasing faster than ever and has created new challenges for even the strongest leaders. It is important that leaders have a specific skill set that enables them to be adaptive, motivating, and empowering to their teams in an environment where change and ambiguity are the norm.

Move forward with momentum

In this session, based on Steven’s book titled Be a Change Champion, leaders will learn critical skills to keep momentum, no matter how unpredictable or uncertain the environment. Many leaders have the ability to manage change, but the ability to keep up the momentum once a change is launched is a specialized and critical skill in today’s business world. This session will teach leaders how to keep up morale during organizational change initiatives and keep their employees focused on the endgame.

Outcomes for this session include:

  • Determine and implement the most critical keys to lead through any change initiative
  • Successfully keep up momentum, motivation, and morale during changes
  • Implement powerful strategies and techniques to understand, influence, and persuade others to achieve goals and objectives
  • Overcome objections and resistance and convert them into opportunities
  • Become a major strategic partner who affects change in your organization by learning to connect with others and be more impactful