Getting to the Honest Truth

The Most Important Communication Strategy to Boost Teamwork, Increase Trust, Build Remarkable Relationships, And Get Things Done!

This highly engaging and interactive seminar is delivered by Steven Gaffney, based on his popular selling books:  Just Be Honest, Honesty Works, Honesty Sells, and Be a Change Champion. Honesty is not only the best policy, but it is the easiest and most effective way to communicate when it comes to resolving conflicts and producing results.

The key problem within most organizations and between individuals is not what people ARE saying, but it’s what they are NOT saying to each other. How much of your organization’s productivity, efficiency, and collaboration is affected due to unspoken communication?  How much time and money does it cost your organization by not having honest and open dialogues?  Once people “Get the Unsaid Said” in a productive manner, virtually any issue can be resolved.

This session includes Steven Gaffney’s legendary application of the “Notice vs. Imagine” technique to prevent misunderstandings and assumptions. Based on more than a decade of research, the failure to distinguish what is “noticed” (the facts of the situation) from what is “imagined” (opinions, thoughts, evaluations, and conclusions).

The concept of “Notice vs. Imagine” may sound like a simple distinction, but think how often people operate and make decisions as if their opinions are fact rather than exploring the real truth. Have you seen missed opportunities because someone believes they know what their customer wants rather than checking in and listening to uncover what the customer really wants and needs?  Have you ever seen project execution go awry because project goals were based on assumptions rather than facts and data?  The misdiagnosis becomes even more exacerbated when the people involved have different agendas, goals, needs, and backgrounds.

Participants will be asked to choose their own personal case study to work on during the session. This will help ensure that participants know exactly how to apply what they have learned by applying it to a specific personal example.

Getting to the Honest Truth

Key takeaways include how to:

  • Create an environment where honest communication and “Getting the Unsaid Said” is non-negotiable
  • Get others to tell the truth
  • Correctly evaluate familiar and unfamiliar situations
  • Handle others whose negative undermines initiatives
  • Increase accountability and get things done efficiently
  • Prevent repetitive and unproductive conversations that waste time and money
  • Build trust with anyone
  • Avoid being surprised and blindsided
  • Prevent close-minded thinking
  • Identify the three signs that determines the health of any relationship, team, and organization
  • Recognize and resolve small issues before they become larger problems
  • Prevent misunderstandings and ensure communication is crystal clear
  • Move the needle from disengagement to engagement for key contributors
  • Have honest breakthrough conversations with anyone