Honesty Sells

How to be a better salesperson and increase profits
Honesty Sells
The top 10 percent of salespeople practice honesty as the best long-term strategy to build business and profits. Everyone has had an experience with a less than-honest salesperson, and many salespeople have lied to their clients in order to make a short-term sale. True sales success, however, is not based in verbal tricks, silly gimmicks, mind games and other forms of manipulation. Today’s clients are looking for long-term, trusted relationships with their suppliers and this demands a new sales approach based on honesty, trust, integrity, and loyalty.

Create a positive client experience

Successful salespeople all use a range of styles and techniques, and they all share one thing in common: They know that honest communication is the secret to increasing sales effectiveness in the long run. By focusing their efforts on satisfying clients through openness and trust, these professionals sell more, get more referrals, and experience less stress.

Experience long-term sales growth

This session will teach participants how to use honest communication to build stronger client relationships and develop business growth over time. Your sales team will learn to overcome harmful sales assumptions and avoid sales strategies that hurt the business. They will learn to create two-way honest and open relationships with clients and increase customer responsiveness. By the end of the session, participants will be more effective salesman and will immediately impact your organization’s bottom line.

Honesty Sells

Outcomes for participants following the session include but are not limited to the following:

  • Overcoming typical sales assumptions that hurt the business
  • Learning honest strategies for overcoming client objections
  • Learning to gain the trust of potential new clients by being honest and forthright
  • Turning a one-time client into a lifetime client
  • Increasing customer responsiveness
  • Closing sales faster by acknowledging clients in an effective way
  • Troubleshooting problems before they damage big sales or important projects
  • Learning how to accept and benefit from a client’s criticism and negative feedback
  • Opening lines of communication with clients to eliminate resentment and improve long term relationships
  • Getting honest answers from prospects when you sense they are withholding information from you
  • Mastering referral selling to increase overall business