Inspiring Excellence

Leading and motivating today’s workforce
Inspiring Exellence
Have you ever watched an organization change its leader, make no other changes, and dramatically improve its productivity and morale? Honest and effective leadership is the key. We are all leaders regardless of the title we have been assigned or our level in an organization. We lead our staff, bosses, co-workers, clients, and even our family and friends. We lead all day long, consciously or subconsciously. The question is what are we leading people to do?

Inspire the people you lead

“Inspiring Excellence” is a leadership seminar designed to provide strategies, techniques, and tools that will produce change and help you achieve your leadership goals. This ground-breaking, highly interactive program will dramatically improve teamwork, loyalty, trust, and morale. It will help everyone to work together more effectively in order to accomplish the organization’s vision and goals. This seminar can teach anyone how to develop a proactive, energetic, and entrepreneurial environment that will motivate people to excel beyond their personal and organizational expectations.

The HLRS produces immediate and sustainable results. It has seven outcomes:

  • “The Seven Leadership Checkpoints In Difficult Times”
  • The “10 Crucial Questions Test” to determine the likelihood of having an honesty problem
  • Three keys to decide how often you need to follow up
  • An 11-point Results Meeting process
  • The essential key to turning around an organization instantly
  • What to do when people have lost trust-- and the crucial technique to regain
  • The critical strategy to developing free-flow honest feedback and five techniques to implement it
  • The fundamental flaw in how we assess people... and how to do it better • “Seven Benefits that Drive Human Behavior”