Leading Through Times of Change and Uncertainty

Top leadership strategies to deal with an uncertain, complex, fast-paced working environment
Is your company or organization planning to make a significant change? Are you worried that your leadership may not be properly suited to handle this change? Research has shown that 70% of changes attempted within an organization fail due to poor leadership. Change in today’s work environment is constant and it creates new challenges to even the strongest leaders, frequently revealing problems that have been neglected or left unresolved. It is important that leaders develop a specific skill set that enables them to see their teams successfully through organizational changes.

Be adaptive, motivational, and empowering to your team

In this session, participants will learn critical skills for how to effectively create an environment that allows for open communication so that all employees feel comfortable voicing their concerns and opinions. Participants will learn how to communicate honestly with their team and breakdown the communication barriers that often prevent successful change. This will maximize your company or organization’s ability to successfully navigate new initiatives and ensure their success.

Leading Through Change and Uncertainty

By the end of the session, participants will learn to:

  • Determine the four most critical keys to lead through change successfully and implement.
  • Understand why people naturally resist change and how to overcome it.
  • Learn how to connect with others as a leader and have the most impact when executing change.
  • Lead powerfully, especially with limited resources, time, and information.
  • Create a proactive environment where people willingly take ownership.
  • Manage teams efficiently and effectively to achieve great performance and produce consistent results.
  • Develop new ways to increase team collaboration, boost morale, enhance productivity and inspire accountability, even during stressful times.