The Power of Conflict Wealth

Embrace and Channel Conflict to Successfully Grow Your Teams, Relationships, and Organizations
The Power of Conflict Wealth
Gone are the days of being afraid of confrontation and feeling overwhelmed by old school thought patterns. Steven Gaffney’s most requested keynote offers a revolutionary strategy that reinvents the conflict model and has been successfully implemented by leading companies worldwide.

If you are looking to grow your business and impact your bottom line, the #1 way to do so is through internal discussion. Remember, you can’t fix a problem that no one tells you about.

Use honest communication and embrace conflict

Using Gaffney’s strategies, companies have successfully and rapidly instilled an ultimate standard for healthy teams so that employees feel so comfortable that they offer ideas you might not even be asking for.  These ideas help organizations quickly increase profit without any capital investment.

Promote the speed of truth

Whether you are going through a merger or change breakdown, the speed in which you do so will directly impact the profitability of your organization. This program is designed to help you apply customized and tangible strategies so that your teams perform at a faster pace, resulting in improved profit margins, reduced resource allocation, and increased shareholder value.

Outcomes for this session include:

  • Prevent organizational train wrecks and being blind-sighted by problems
  • Learn how to easily address/manage change and make sure you “stay in the know”
  • Create a safe environment that drives open, honest communication and fosters positive debate
  • Apply counterintuitive strategies that flip the idea generation model to fuel half-baked ideas that will skyrocket employee synergy, fast-track innovation, and expedite results
  • Become a Trusted Change Leader by getting the unsaid said and building a “Win or Lose Together” culture