Reboot and Revolutionize!

Facilitated team building for key leaders
Reboot and Revolutionize
The first step in resolving any electronic device glitch is hitting “reboot”- to reset the device for a fresh start. Teams work the same way; they often need to be reset in order to function properly again. Even world-class executive leadership teams need guidance with their communication and group dynamics in order to contribute to their organizations’ bottom lines more effectively.  All that is required is a reset so the team can tap into their full potential to move forward with unprecedented performance.

Harness the advantages of conflict

One of the factors that tends to break down a team is lack of Growth Conflict™. Growth Conflict™ is the idea of using conflict within a group to spur teamwork and innovation so that conflict is no longer a problem, but rather a foundation for progress. Steven Gaffney’s winning intellectual formula helps teams develop new ways of using conflict strategically that result in higher levels of success and performance.

Improve effectiveness, alignment, collaboration, and results

This seminar will teach teams to look at conflict as an opportunity to improve your organization. After using a summary analysis to discover all of your team’s hidden issues, a safe environment will be created that encourages each participant to openly share their challenges, questions, and feedback with the rest of the group.  After the issues are openly discussed and resolved, the team will adopt an actionable plan to prevent future issues so they can move forward on their goals and desired outcomes.

Outcomes and objectives include the following:

  • Creation of an actionable plan developed with buy-in and accountability
  • Learn key strategies for driving decisive actions that do not require revisiting
  • Increase the speed of analysis and decision making between team members
  • Save time and money by avoiding non-productive and ineffective conversations
  • Learn and use the 2 Hour and 18 Minute Strategy for Success formula
  • Learn the key methodology for resolving future issues
  • Learn and implement 7 essential ground rules that are critical to building a championship team
  • Discovery and resolution of the real issues that are preventing the team from being the best it can be