Reboot, Engage, and Accelerate

How to Become a Consistently High Performing Team to Achieve Peak Success

Is your leadership team performing at the highest possible level?  Chances are, the answer is no. And is your team even a team?
Many teams in the workplace are really “committees,” because a true team wins and fights challenges together. A committee wins or loses, separately.

The truth is, even the healthiest, most efficient corporate teams can always do better. Steven Gaffney’s popular Reboot, Engage, and Accelerate program is designed to improve the specific group dynamics of any leadership team to achieve peak performance. Whether your team is new or old, this hands-on session will re-focus and re-align the group for a fresh start.

Why your team needs a Reboot

Think of this program as hitting “reboot” on your team dynamics. When you reboot your computer, you essentially clear away the junk to re-focus your efforts on making the device run more smoothly, with fewer glitches. The same is true of this reboot session. This interactive seminar is an opportunity for any leadership group to reset priorities. The goal? To ultimately reach their full potential as a seamless, top-performing team.

Reboot, Engage, and Accelerate is ideal for dramatically improving a wide range of leadership teams, including:

  • Teams that are really “committees”
  • Teams of exceptional people who work in silos, rather than seamlessly together
  • Teams in charge of a critical project, program, or department
  • Teams that struggle to make key decisions without constant re-litigation
  • Teams that include both high-performing and lower-performing members
  • Teams acting like committees—who win and lose separately—instead of like true teams—who win and lose together
  • Teams not utilizing all the strengths and resources of the organization
  • Teams that suffer from a lack of coordination, collaboration, and true teamwork
  • Teams performing at a very high level that need a push to excel even more

Even world-class executive teams must regularly re-establish trust, build better relationships, improve communication, and re-align to contribute more powerfully to the organization’s bottom line. In fact, all teams must occasionally take stock to uncover and resolve existing problems in order to achieve peak performance. Even brand new teams must do this, since past history, distorted hearsay, and organizational folklore impact every group from the start.

Growth Conflict™
In this groundbreaking program, leaders will learn to apply Steven’s proprietary Growth Conflict™ concept to inspire group innovation and fix problems early on. While many teams bury conflict for fear of confrontation, today’s work world demands cross-communication and collaboration. Without it, time deepens problems and erodes trust within the team.

Growth Conflict™ is the idea that the group’s conflict should be completely revealed and resolved through an open communication process. Steven will guide participants through this approach, teaching them how to:

  • Stop staying in their own “swim lanes” and start collaborating across organizational lines
  • Eliminate leadership blind spots that result when executives don’t challenge one another
  • Develop a healthy pattern of debate in leadership team meetings
  • Address small issues in the group before they become major problems

After these issues are openly discussed and resolved in the seminar setting, Steven will guide the team to adopt an actionable plan with full accountability, equipping them to move forward on their goals as a team. In addition, participants will use Steven’s proprietary “2 Hour and 18 Minute Strategy for Success” blueprint that converts any idea into an actionable plan within this time frame. This winning intellectual formula enables the team to apply the seminar’s lessons directly to real-world issues once the program ends.

As part of the Reboot, Engage, and Accelerate program, Steven Gaffney will perform a thorough analysis of your team, through interviews and observation. With the insights from this analysis, Steven is able to create a safe, open environment where he encourages each participant to share challenges, questions, and feedback with the rest of the group. This unique process reveals hidden barriers, identifies current dynamics—both good and bad—and establishes a pattern of honest communication. In turn, the team walks away with the tools they need to accomplish top goals as a cohesive unit.

Reboot, Engage, and Accelerate and become a consistently high performing team to achieve peak success.

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The Fish isnt sick the water is dirty

Key Takeaways

  • How to convert leadership teams that are really committees into true teams
  • How to identify and resolve problems holding the team back from their full potential
  • How to create and follow an actionable plan developed with full team buy-in and accountability
  • How to implement the 10 ground rules of a consistently high-performing leadership team
  • How to make critical decisions as a team, without the need to re-litigate
  • How to increase the speed of analysis, communication, and decision-making within the leadership team
  • How to avoid non-productive, ineffective conversations that prevent healthy debate in meetings
  • How to eliminate harmful silos and work together as a true team