The Fish Isn't Sick... The Water is Dirty Workbook

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Are their issues in your relationships – at work or at home – that you never see coming? Do you find others being close-minded and defensive? Do you avoid difficult conversations or worry how others will react when you have difficult things that need to be said? These issues make your environment – your “fish tank” – toxic.

Withholding information and avoiding tough conversations can be devastating to you and to others. In your workplace, innovation and teamwork suffer and millions of dollars in productivity and potential sales are lost. At home, relationships are broken, miscommunication occurs and families become more dysfunctional.

Steven Gaffney’s seminar, The Fish Isn’t Sick…The Water is Dirty®, shows you how to clean the water in your fish tank – how to get the “unsaid” said. This seminar teaches you how to honestly and openly resolve issues in both your professional and personal life and how to communicate effectively with anyone – no matter how difficult.

In this acclaimed seminar , Steven Gaffney teaches you strategies on how to:

  • Stop others from withholding information and just be honest with you
  • Have tough conversations and repair broken relationships
  • Say the most difficult things you always wanted to say but did not know how
  • Resolve all the complaining and negativity that people throw out at you on a daily basis
  • Get others to make and keep their commitments
  • Effectively deliver bad news, and
  • Increase teamwork and collaboration with anyone.

These time-tested strategies will work no matter how time-impoverished,
overworked or under-resourced you and the people around you may be.

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