Effective Communication is Key

In the absence of data, people just make things up.

When leaders say less, the people on their team worry more and as a result, have side conversations. These side conversations can derail the original intent of the message and cause more problems than solutions.

In this video, Steven explores why we are seeing more of these problems arise and how we can utilize effective communication as a strategy in business and in life.

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5 Key Areas of Effective Communication: An Interview with Kelly Riggs

In this audio interview, with Kelly Riggs of The Business LockerRoom, Steven shares with you five keys to effective communication.

The interview answers the following questions:

  • Why you need to set up expectations before you communicate problems and challenges with others
  • Why change reveals more problems than it causes and how to navigate change
  • The reason you need to tackle change blockers and why leaving them unchecked can be detrimental
  • And more…

This content is based on his newest book, “Be A Change Champion. Mastering Momentum: 10 Factor’s for Sustaining the Boom and Avoiding the Bust of Change.” It is the only book out there dedicated to sustaining the momentum, motivation, and morale of change- big and small.

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