High Performing Culture That is Fact Based

Leaders are only as good as the teams they lead. Are your teams performing at the same level as you? Build high-performing teams that consistently win together.
High Performing Teams

Most teams in the workplace do not have the mindset of winning and losing together. Instead, team members tend to see themselves as individual players on committees that win or lose separately. As a result, individual players don’t challenge each other and teams lose synergy in turn.

Converting committees into true, high-performing teams, and understanding that there are different types of teams, is critical to organizational success. This requires all team members to be willing to have the difficult, yet necessary conversations. Just one team member not discussing vital information can mean the difference between success and failure.

Steven Gaffney’s honest communication expertise is the key to breaking barriers and rebooting teams; whether they are old, new, or challenged. Team members who believe they are able to be open and honest are more willing to speak up and have those difficult conversations. They know the success of their team equates to individual success and are willing to do what it takes to achieve it.

Steven’s honest communication techniques teach you how to:

  • Encourage team members to discuss difficult questions and challenges.
  • Convert committees (win or lose separately) into high-performing teams (win or lose together).
  • Recognize and implement the 3 major types of teams.
  • Implement the 7 guidelines to high-performing teams.


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