5 thoughts on “What Not To Do on a Conference Call

  1. Good Morning – I look forward to receiving your emails because I love watching your video clips and reading your tips. However, I was very disappointed in this clip. I am hard of hearing but have been able to hear your other video clips just fine. I could not understand the person in this clip at all hardly. I turned on the closed captions and that only gave a few words here and there so it did not help. Thanks for letting me share this information.

  2. Steven, this is so classic and oh so true. Conference calls “can” be infinitely valuable or absolutely useless when they occur as depicted here. Thanks for my laugh of the day!

  3. Great clip, I hate when I am on a conference call and people join in late. We need ethics on what not to do on a conference all, especially when people are talking in the backgrounds and eating.



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