What would you do if…?

Part 2 of “The Truth About Lies” series.

Steven Gaffney shares tips to transform your organization and take it to the next level by helping leaders lead through change, avoid being blind-sided by issues, improve teamwork collaboration, build better relationships internally and externally, inspire people to have more open communication and get things done.

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One thought on “What would you do if…?

  1. Thanks for the reminder. I try daily to remember “The Truth About Lies”. It is difficult to go against the grain. Why do some of the ‘nicest’ people resort to this tactic? It seems people use this because they want to be accepted as part of a group or some clique. How did this drive for acceptance make people criticize others and how did it become so prevalent, when it is so wrong? The counter is you must be a suck-up if you try to defend someone, thereby making you an outsider of the group. But the real question is do you want to be part of a group that tolerates this type of activity? Try to be a better person today. Any skill requires practice.

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