Do You Value Honesty in the Workplace?

Steven Gaffney discusses the Value of Honesty in the Workplace with Ernie Anastatos on Fox News in NYC. Are 91% of people liars because they do not feel comfortable in being completely honest with people about issues they see? Listen in on how rewarding honesty and why creating a safe environment will encourage open communication.

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4 thoughts on “Do You Value Honesty in the Workplace?

  1. Companies no longer plan for failure! People learn from making mistakes but this is no longer tolerated. Employees are afraid to admit they did something wrong because they fear retribution. Additionally they are afraid to say their co-worker made a mistake because that person may loose their employment. In all honesty – I truly believe the work environment is forcing workers to be untruthful.

  2. In my work environment honesty is not valued. Whenever I am honest about a work situation or process. I am ridiculed because I speak on issues that management want to ignore. So I receive comments from my co-workers on why did I have to even bring it up, not that it was not the truth. That makes it hard to be honest if it only create a hostile environment, or label you as whiner or troublemaker.

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