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If social distancing is your preference or if your team works virtually, there is no need to slow down the speed at which you achieve results.

No matter your environment or situation, you can increase your sales and revenue, have your teams work well together to accomplish your organization’s goals, and generate rapid profits through the speed of execution.

All of our services, seminars and consulting can be delivered through our Virtual Livecast Hybrid™ Approach.

Ways Steven Helps You Rapidly Create Consistent High Achievement in Your Organization


Helping make your entire organization consistently high achieving.


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Trusted Advisor

More than an executive coach, more than a trusted advisor.


Organizations that fail to deal with their problems ultimately don’t have them anymore because
the organizations no longer exist.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

I should have known about this. Why didn’t anyone tell me? It seems like I’m always getting surprised and blind-sided.

We have so much potential. We could be doing so much more.

Why aren’t we achieving some of these goals?

No matter how much we communicate it never seems enough.

These projects are going so slow. Why is this taking so long?

How do we get out of working in silos? There’s so much waste – of time, energy, duplicate work and resources.

How do we make quick decisions that stick so we’re not revisiting it – again?

They’re stuck in old ways. Why aren’t they making the changes I need them to make?

But here’s the good news…

You can create a consistently high achieving organization without forcing anyone through a complex, lengthy ordeal.
The process is not complicated, it’s highly effective, and it works every time.

Introducing the Online Challenge/Crisis Response Assessment

Steven Gaffney has developed the first-ever online challenge/crisis response assessment to help leaders quickly assess challenges and determine exactly what needs to be done.

This is a breakthrough in crisis management for leaders who deal with challenges outside or inside their organization, from reorganization to an ethical breach to a world crisis.

If you are interested in learning more about the assessment, please click here to set up a call to learn more.

If you’ve been directed to take the assessment, please click here to enter your password.

“You could be bigger and better. In a rapidly growing business, having grown by 9% every year for nine years, we had to scale to support it. Steven helped our senior team develop as leaders in today’s modern, rapidly changing business world. At the end of the day, we were sacrificing time. Meetings dominated the workday. Steven exposed the problem’s root cause and we implemented his work in one fiscal quarter: effective communication. Now, meetings are routinely 30 minutes in length. With more time and team efficiency, we have more than tripled our proposal output – from 1.2 billion to 4.5 billion dollars a year, and with 10% less people than we started. We conduct more transactions more quickly, efficiently and with more confidence and authority – while doubling the output and the amount of new business we capture.”

Gene Colabatistto

General Aerospace Company

“Steven Gaffney has sped up our decision-making time by 5x and relieved my teams’ anxiety and stress levels with his down-to-earth and easy-to-leverage approaches. Our negotiation time has reduced by more than 75% and it no longer takes 5 weeks to make one a decision – it takes less than a day. That kind of return on investment has saved us millions hundreds of thousands of dollars and, most importantly, we get more time to make more decisions. That’s why I keep coming back to Steven and his work.”

Peder Jungck
Vice President / General Manager Intelligence Solutions

BAE Systems